Saturday, 28 January 2012

Furnace Packing

Lordy what a week, with temperatures nearing 40°C every day, it's not very conducive to packing one's worldly possessions!  But we are plodding along, panic mode will hit in 3 days time when the removalists will arrive that afternoon.

 My precious collection of pot plants, mostly cuttings I've grown from precious plants in the garden.  It will be good to take living memories of our current garden with us. 

 Photos, DVDs, CDs and fragile things from the wall unit are all packed up and ready to go.  Steve is left with the fun job of dismantling the electrical systems for the tv and surround sound. :-)

 I can't believe how many fiddly bits and pieces I have amassed in the laundry.  But I also found that each thingy seems to be important so not much got chucked out.  Here we have the "put into storage" bits container and the "keep for current use" bits container.

Mmm, this is the middle of the house collection point.  It's so hard to know where to put the boxes, they keep getting in the way of something I hadn't thought of before!

 Back bedroom with dismantled bed and huge plastic sack of various bedding.

The other back bedroom.  This is the vantage point for the fragile boxes for storage, and boxes to go to the shed.  I made use of ugly fugly wrapping paper for my labelling boxes methodology.  Lairy rose paper is 'for the shed', green paper is 'fragile', orange polkadot paper is 'heavy' and silvery rose paper is 'storage but accessible'.  I suspect the removalist man will swoon with my cleverness. ;-)

Far out, this is the craft room, where I am currently packing.  Lots of precious things in here that I am muttering about.  I am planning on stuffing the fabric into all the drawers, to stabilise loose stuff in them, and give the fabric a home that is clean and damp proof whilst in storage.  The hardest part is working out what to keep with me to use for the next year.  I've got some crochet, some cross stitch, some general hand sewing bits and pieces ready to come with me to the shed so far.  Still deciding on embroidery things.

We're getting there.  Thank goodness we worked hard for a few months last year culling all our cupboards and sheds, so at least what we've got we know we want to keep.  I'm trying not to be excited yet, holding it in until all the moving work is done, but it's not long to go now!!!  6th Feb at 1pm we hand over the keys to this house, we first moved in on the 22nd November 1982 after waiting 6 months for it to be built.  It's been a great nearly 30 years but we cant wait for our new adventures in Torbay.  :-)


  1. Allow me to be the first to comment!!! How you managed to find the time to assemble a blog in amongst all your packing is a wonder within itself!
    Dy, glad it is you doing the packing and not me. You know you will be sorely missed, don't you :-) Anne

  2. Thank you Anne for being the inaugural commenter! :-)

  3. It looks as if you have achieved amazing things in a short space of time. How exciting to read your blog, you are very clever. Jenny

  4. I am so envious of you and Steve!! But more so I am overjoyed that the day is nearly here that you two can enjoy the life you've longed for.

    All the best and I'll keep reading while you keep writing...