Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Moving Day

Well, the removalists are here, doing a terrific job of carefully loading their mega truck with our treasured possessions.  We are feeling somewhat redundant as the two fit young fellows are very competently going about their loading, so I am standing at the kitchen counter with laptop doing this blog post!


 The dismantled waterbed.  It took about 3 hours to siphon all the water out of it the other day.

Precious cargo and a bugger to wrap up.  I can't wait to get hold of my new craft room when our house is built, but in the meantime favourite things like my sewing machine and spinning wheel will sit patiently in the storage unit.

Look at this!  This is a magnificent white mulberry tree, the very first tree for our orchard.  This is a wonderful gift to us from my dear friends Angie, Anne, Leanne and Wilma - The Tipsy Cross Stitchers.  Thanks ladies, we are thrilled to bits!

And this photo is an attempt to make our lives easier in a years time when we put the tv/surround sound/x-box systems back together.  Of course this will show us where every single wire goes and it will be a smooth, seamless operation. Ha!

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