Monday, 13 February 2012

Backtrack to Farewell

The weekend before we left Perth, we were invited to a little barbeque, with 4 dear friends.  When we arrived we were surprised and thrilled to discover that there were more dear friends involved than we thought!  A well kept secret girls!  Wow, what a night, we were made to feel really special, it was very touching.
There were decorations and the table was cleverly decked out as a farmyard theme, emphasis on chooks.  Reason being that I have promised the cross stitching ladies that when we get our chickens I am going to name them after them!  The ladies came up with a hilarious gift, a decadent chandelier type light to be used as an ornament in the chook house - photos when it happens! :-)
 Clever little farm related things adorned the table.  Here I am, minus glasses, trying to read the Garfield farm related comic placemat (thanks Amy!).
 This was the highlight of the evening.  My four cross stitching buddies managed to smoothly disappear and then reappear all wearing t-shirts with a photo of Steve and I on them, with "Farewell Steve and Dy" printed underneath..... I still do not know how I didn't notice them leave the room all at once!  Then they started singing, a fabulous song all about us to the tune of "Farewell Aunty Jack:", accompanied by maestro Andy who did a masterful job of keeping the key and the timing.
As you can see, the audience were enthralled and delighted and an encore was heartily called for.  If you want to have a listen to this fabulous performance by the Cross Stitching Quartet, then click HERE.

The finale was to sit in front of the tellie and watch a slideshow, with beautiful background music by Andy, of all our fun times together, plus the obligatory embarrassing photos of one's youth and one's non-sobriety.  A good laugh.  In fact the whole night was filled with laughter and good friends and good food, it was wonderful.  Steve and I can't thank you enough.   xxx

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