Friday, 17 February 2012


Steve went fishing yesterday with his mate Laurie.  They did quite well, a nice haul of King George Whiting, yummy.  The catch has been filleted, split up and bagged into meals.  We've unearthed our bread maker and a loaf is cooking at the moment - smells wonderful!  A haul of tomatoes from our tiny tiny vegie patch and I think we have dinner sorted tonight. :-)

 We've been trying to walk on the beach most mornings, we both have fitness issues to address! :-)  The water is amazingly warm so I've been for a couple of swims.  It's lovely, I haven't swum in the ocean for years and I admit to feeling somewhat childlike in the fun I've been having.

This is me being a domestic goddess, sitting under a huge peppermint tree next to the forest, mending some clothes.  Fancy that eh.  It was very pleasant, particularly when Steve turned up with a glass of wine. :-)


  1. King George Whiting, couple of swims, childlike, domestic goddess, glass of wine... all sounds very idyllic :-)

    Do you follow Ami's Blog? Wonderful stuff!

  2. Thanks for the link to Ami's blog Pennie. I hadn't seen it before and thoroughly enjoyed reading it!