Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Kitchen Of Kings

We have been into Albany again today - visited Bunnings (again), got the mail (love the thrill of checking the PO Box!), put more stuff into the storage unit, found the bank and visited the waste emptying area (happiness is an empty chemical toilet.... I put that piece of information in especially for you Michelle xx). 

Yesterday we worked our bums off to improve the interior of the shed, to make things more workable and comfortable.  The main change was the kitchen area.

When the shed was finished in September 2010 this was the kitchen area.  Very basic, just a little gas stove and an esky and a trestle table and tres chic rug kindly donated by dear daughter.

By November 2010 we had made improvements - a table and chairs, a barbecue, some old cupboards and shelves, and a fabulous 'put together from junk' sink area.  Steve used an old stereo cabinet, sat a plastic tub on top into which he added a drain hole and plug, attached a pipe underneath and drilled holes in the cabinet for the pipe to sit through, so the water could drain into a bucket.  A far cry from washing up in a bowl (do you agree Tony? :-) ).

By March 2011 things were looking rather posh thanks to the donation of a pantry (thanks Doug!).  What a difference that made, having our food safely stored away and having the space to keep more food in the shed rather than bringing it with us all the time.  We also bought a you-beaut esky that could keep ice as ice for about 4 days.

Look at this!!  This is the kitchen as of yesterday.  Now we have power we have APPLIANCES - yahoo!  I can't believe how wonderful the simple pleasure is of having a fridge..... and a microwave..... and an electric kettle..... and a toaster!
 But the piece-de-resistance is this.  The is an old bench that Steve made many many moons ago as an apprentice, that has been used as an arts and crafts bench for many years.  Steve bought the sink in Bunnings and fitted it into the bench.  It was a sight to be seen because do you think he could find his jigsaw to cut the hole?  Of course not, that is somewhere in the 40 cubic metres of stuff in the storage shed!  So he started drilling holes until he could get the hacksaw in place, then decided that was waaaay too much hard work.  In the end out came the electric chain saw and, using all appropriate safety measures, he cut the sink hole with the chain saw!  And a splendid job he did too.

 Isn't it brilliant!  Same system, it drains into a bucket and we reuse the water on plants. It's so shiny! :-)

 This morning we were both feeling rather sore and tired so a visit to the beach was in order....


  1. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun. Takes me back 40 yars to when we bought a derelict old farm house.....

    I would die to live so close to the sea. Sigh......

  2. Nice to 'call by' and check out the surrounds Dy. After all this time it has become a reality. Well done. Now the FUN begins!

  3. The kitchen is looking amazing, love it! x

  4. Wow! Look at that kitchen!!
    Just a little bit fancy pants from when I was last there.

    Can't wait to visit in early March and see the place with my own eyes.

    In the mean time I'll keep enjoying the blog Dy. :)