Friday, 3 February 2012

Out and In

Forlorn little chair is one of the few remaining items in our house.  That and a bathroom full of cleaning stuff, ready for me to make it pretty for the next owners.  We also have a camp bed in the corner of the lounge room, surprisingly comfortable for a deflating blow up mattress!

 You forget how big rooms are until you take everything out.

 And this is the start of piles and piles of crap that was delivered to the shed.  It all needs sorting and decisions to be made about what we keep there and what we cram into the 99% full storage unit which holds our furniture and things we don't think we'll need this year.  It is AMAZING to have power and a fridge and a big fluoro light and such mod cons in the shed.  Looksharee!

 The start of self sufficiency :-)

Not a bad spot to be sitting with one's laptop on the internet eh wot :-)


  1. It looks serene Dy.

  2. What a great blog Dy! I shall be following your adventure with great interest,i am full of admiration for you! Hope the next few weeks/months run smoothly and all is relatively stress free. Certainly looks like a beautiful spot you have there :)
    Helen xx