Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rub A Dub Dub

It's been a 'bit of this, bit of that' couple of days.  Lots of sorting of paperwork and visiting Govt departments in town to change addresses (ho hum).  We found the laundrette and learned how to use it!  Amazing that we've never been to a laundrette before and our learning curve now includes the fact that the machines only take $1 coins. 

I have vacuumed the shed.  Truly.  You have no idea how much pleasure it gave me.  Truly. :-)

Steve has been busy constructing our fabbo bathroom area.  Up to now we have used a solar shower whilst standing in a bucket, and it was darn hard work hoisting those 20 litres of water above our heads.  Now we have power we pour the water into a 20 litres container at floor level, in which there is a small pump which pumps the water up to the shower head, which can be fixed or hand held.  We still stand in a big bucket but that is sitting in a wooden frame which now has a drainage hose snaking out to an area outside that I will plant up.  We only use environmentally friendly soap/shampoo/conditioner which is safe for plants.

Steve has also constructed a framework and we now have a shower curtain to help contain the water, and a curtain door to the bathroom itself. And the bathroom has a light.  It is terribly posh for a shed bathroom, well done Steve.  xx

 The shower that has made life so much easier.

The loo, with lighting!
The spiffing up area, complete with new powerpoints.  Nice to be able to use a hair dryer nowadays.

It's looking good eh, a homely shed.  Note we share it with Helga the Husqvarna, she's the orange thing in the background.  :-)

Off to visit some friends today, Steve is looking forward to going fishing.

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  1. Love the bathroom.............You guys are amazing.