Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shed Baking

Life is going pretty well in the shed, we are getting a good night's sleep, we have the ability to shower and we can cook.  Cooking is a bit limited with a microwave and a bbq but we are managing.  Steve had a hankering today to make an apple pie, he is the pastry maker extraordinaire to who was I to argue.  Most of our kitchen gadgets are inaccessibly packed inside a 45 cubic metre storage unit, so some improvisation was necessary.

First the ingredients...
I would like to tell you that we used thickly sliced, freshly picked apples but alas our apple tree is merely a small stick at present.  Instead we used up a can of apple that has been living in the bowels of the pantry for a while.  Add to that some fresh blackberries, yum!
 Next, the pastry making.  What to use as a nice, smooth, large surface?  Why a melamine shelf out of the wardrobe of course!  And what about a rolling pin?  A new use for an empty beer bottle. 
 Pastry made, apple and berries stuffed in, lookin' good.
Pastry top on but no pastry brush to be found.  Open the multi-pack of paint brushes from Bunnings and continue merrily on painting the top with egg wash.
 A sprinkle of demerara sugar and the pie is ready for cooking.  Note the artisticly designed leaves on the top.

Now for the big test, can you cook an apple pie in a hooded barbeque?  The temperature gauge on it said it was hot enough so let's give it a try!

A bit of ingenuity was necessary to get the pie up off the barbeque plate so it didn't get a burnt bottom.  A little fossick through the junk corner and some suitable metal was found to balance the pie plate on.

Ta-dum!  It took quite a bit longer than normal but here we are, a cooked apple and blackberry pie!  Looks pretty good eh :-)
 The finished product, ready to have custard slopped all over it.  The consensus was that it was delicious!

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  1. I'm impressed... I'm very impressed! Well done Steve! and Dy :-)