Friday, 10 February 2012

So What Day Is It Today?

The days are blending together and with the routines of driving to work a thing of the past for now, we are having trouble remembering what day it is....what a shame eh :-)

Today was a less frenetic day, Steve worked on improving the shower area in the shed and I unpacked and found homes for more stuff. But apart from that.....

  We had a walk on the beach

 We had a good, healthy breakfast

 We enjoyed the wildlife.  Seriously though, don't you think this joey needs to leave home, that poor mother's pouch is almost dragging on the ground!

I finally, after 4 days actually did a boundary walk around our place.  We've been so tied up with inside the shed that I hadn't got around to it.  I am always surprised at the beauty around me, every time I see it.

Path through the peppermint tree forest.  It is always lovely and cool in here, a fabulous refuge from the sun.

 The big acacia tree is in bloom.
This is the new boundary fence that was put in a month ago.  I can't believe how straight it is, the contractor did a great job.

This, as far as I'm concerned, is The Magic Faraway Tree.  Isn't it a magnificent tree!  It's huge, it's another peppermint tree (agonis flexuosa) but it's an absolute giant, all gnarled and leggy and I just love it.

And this is our shed, our home for the next year or so, while our house is being built.  Gradually we have made improvements and it is now really quite comfortable.  Home sweet home :-)


  1. Lovely pics! Especially the seaweed one. The new boundary fence looks great, did you have to leave a 'kangaroo hole' in this one? x

  2. The very end of the fence is open for a couple of metres so the roos can get through there. Also there is a section of uneven ground going down to the creek where the roos can get underneath. Failing that they go sailing over the top!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and was enjoying your old chevron stitch from TAST a few years ago:
    Thought you might enjoy joining Sharon B's 2012 TAST the stitch is Chevron! Congratulations on your new digs!