Saturday, 24 March 2012

Aaahm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay, I Sleep All Night And I Work Half The Day

We are creaking around like a couple of geriatrics at present, bits aching that we didn't even know existed.  For the last 4 days we have been chainsawing, carting wood and mulching branches and leaves.  I think our work is starting to show at long last. 
This is Monday...
And this is Friday...
Here are some of the byproducts of our labours, fresh mulch, medium logs and flippin' heavy logs! 
Some of next year's firewood which will hopefully sit there, dry out and split in just the right places so Steve can get his block splitter onto them.  Winter 2013 will be in our new house with its own solid fuel heater and I can't wait to use our very own cut firewood in it.  :-)
We've created 3 big piles of mulch.  One is specifically Peppermint tree mulch which we are using as pathways around the vegie beds.  It will be interesting to see if it impedes weed and grass growth in the paths as often not much grows under Peppermint trees.  Regardless, I like the idea of a mulch pathway, it gives you something to walk on and at the same time it will slowly rot down and then later can be dug out and used.
Remember the raised bed I planted out with seeds a few weeks back?  Well have a look at what's happening - exciting eh!  Everything has sprouted and is growing strongly, in fact I've had to thin things out.  The spinach was the only thing that didn't germinate in abundance, but that didn't surprise me as the seeds were very old.  From the left is spring onion, red lettuce, beetroot, spinach, coriander, green lettuce, carrot and dill, with marigolds in each corner to hopefully deter pests.  The trillion rogue things that came up that I thought were weeds were in fact tomato plants!  Probably from the earthworm castings I used in the soil mix.  Anyway, I pulled them all out and potted up half a dozen for Steve to plant in his vegie area that he's just digging over.
There was a nice sunset tonight as we sat on the verandah and ate dinner.... cheese and fruit and bickies, yum.  No wine today, what a shock to my system!

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  1. Dy we have grown our own firewood for the last 40 years :-) When one of our trees either need lopping or die or whatever and we call Mark who chops them down for David to split into sizes that fit into our combustion fire or open fire. Mark reckons that some trees are easier to split wet than older and dry... but we can't remember which trees he said. Most of ours are Natives.