Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Been to the Big Smoke

I've been to Perth for most of the past week, firstly to allow Steve and his mate Tony some boy time together - you know, fishing, drinking, snoring :-). I understand there was a fabulous King George whiting caught by Tony on the last morning, a fitting end to a good weekend.

I stayed at mum and dad's house and was thoroughly spoiled. I was also the lucky recipient of Steve's and my joint birthday present - an IPad!! I got to spend the whole weekend on a learning curve and I have come to the conclusion that Steve will be lucky to get a turn, it's rather fun. I am attempting to do this blog post on the IPad at this moment so we'll see if it works.

Steve then joined me in Perth for a couple of days and we caught up with family and on Tuesday we were supposed to spend the day signing contract papers for the building of our new house and choosing tiles etc. However, after a phone call to the gentleman concerned to find out where he was, only to discover he had written the appt on the wrong day in his diary and was in fact in Dunsborough when I rang, it has all been postponed until next week. He was very very very sorry! Never mind.

We are now back in the fresh air of Torbay, lovely. And look, my seeds are sprouting!
.... Ah, I have hit my first hiccup with the IPad for doing blog posts, I have no idea how to add an image.... off to investigate!


  1. Steve may understate the size of the KG... but it was well and truly a THUMPER. :)

    I love how the place has evolved so much Dy. Thanks for allowing Steve and I time to catch up - I promise next time you won't have to leave!! :)

    I got a good glimpse of the evil, nasty hornet... I think i may have squealed a few times when it flew near.

    Enjoy the Grant Burge. :)


  2. Thanks very much for the Grant Burge Tony, it was yummy! And of course, I know, the KGW was the biggest in existence :-)