Monday, 12 March 2012

Following on from my last blog post, here is the police line-up.  Which one is the sneaky sweet potato leaf eater do you think?  They seem to be defeated by the fence around the sweet potato bed - for now at least!
And speaking of thieves, our tomatoes are nearly at an end and we are enjoying the last, very red, super sweet cherry tomatoes.  Our little green feathered friend is enjoying them too.  Now if it remained at one little  feathered friend with a small appetite then that would be hunky dory, but you know there is no such thing as ONE parrot, hence why nearly every property that has fruit and vegies growing have them protected with bird netting! 
 We had a different sort of visitor in the shed today.  We breed insects big down here in the sticks.  Giant hornets (actually I found out that she is called a 'solitary wasp'), giant flying beetles and today's example - a stick insect.  He is rather sweet actually.  When I put my finger under him to try and get him to walk on my hand he backed of and sort of reared up and put his front legs in the air, trying to look all fierce.  Cute :-)
 I discovered that Steve had a photo of Tony's thumper whiting on his camera.  It is very impressive!  Apparently it made a very nice fish pie.
 As it was hot today (well, not as hot as Perth!) we decided to head for the water in the morning.  We visited an area called the Quarantine Station down Frenchman Bay Road, a place we used to visit regularly years ago.  It has lovely flat rocks for fishing, and a white, pristine beach alongside. That is one of the huge ships that you regularly see anchored in King George Sound.
 Here is Steve, catching our dinner practising his fishing techniques. :-)
Meanwhile, I wandered around the rocks and paddled in the water.  I came across this weird thing underwater in a big rock pool.  Does anyone know what it is?  It's quite big, the size of a man's hand.  It looks like some sort of mollusc thing but needs to be in a shell I'd have thought.  It wasn't obvious whether it was alive or not, but it looks very fresh and certainly wasn't stinky.
 It has cooled off wonderfully this evening with lots of cloud cover.  Crossing fingers that we get some rain.  Off to Perth again over the next few days to get the house building contracts signed and tile, laminex and colorbond colour choices done.  Exciting!

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