Monday, 26 March 2012


I am quite fond of cider.  I am also quite fond of wine too.  Steve is fond of beer and wine.  But we are trying to economise which means not buying so much wine.  So the home brew kit has had a resurgence.  Steve busied himself some months ago brewing batches of different varieties of beer... there's lager, stout, Corona, wheat beer, English Bitter and pilsner (!!).  There are plastic crates galore stacked in the shed with bottles of this wide variety of the amber liquid.  And they are rather good according to Steve. 

But where does this leave me, girl that does not like beer?  Luckily Steve was given a cider for brewing for Xmas and finally he has concocted it.  See this container here, inside is 18 litres of apple cider, yeehar!  
It has been bubbling away for about 5 days now, making all sorts of bizarre noises.  One night I woke up and thought I heard the dog about to chuck, but no, twas just the cider burping away :-)  It bubbles through this dohicky thing on top and when it stops bubbling then it's time to bottle it.  Then it's a minimum 2 week wait til tasting time.  It's gonna be a long 2 weeks.


  1. Now there's an idea, David has been brewing his own beer for more than 40 years and I can't even stand the smell of it... I do like Apple Cider though. Is your Cider Alcoholic? I don't do Alcohol, not that I don't like it... it doesn't like ME!

  2. Pennie, my apple cider is most definitely alcoholic! :-)

  3. It's harvest time for grapes here. Lots of boxes are delivered to Melbourne for the making of grappa:) Surely you could get some plonk grapes Dy and make some wine.
    How about good old exploding ginger beer?

  4. Hope it turns out ok:) Will have to get you some more if it's good. I didn't see any different types at Big W, but dads brewing place might have some more.

  5. Kerry, Steve has plans for plonk growing, don't you worry about that! :-)
    I have also been told the reason one can not be impatient with bottling ones cider is that the bottles will explode if done too soon. Hence I must wait....

    Paul, thanks for giving your dad a fabbo Xmas present, I'll let you know how it tastes! xx