Thursday, 22 March 2012

This Goes With This Goes With That

Decisions, decisions. 
 We are in the midst of contract signing and fine tuning plans to have our house built.  There are always more things to consider than you realise, I've decided.  We've added power points and outside lights, swapped the draining board position over (I was like a stunned mullet when the guy asked me which side of the sink I drain the dishes), faffed around with door positions and finally we think we are happy.  Awaiting the final adjustments for us to give the okay on, then the final drawings will be done.
 In the meantime we had to choose tiles and laminate.  We thought it would be easy, one shop, choose, go home.  Ha!  Nine tile shops later, the very last tile shop had what we wanted.  We were trying very hard to keep within the tile allowance given and thus has only simple choices in mind.  As it turned out we came in under budget (imagine that!) so were able to add some accent borders.

We decided to tile the bathroom and the ensuite exactly the same, required less brain power we thought.  We had in mind glossy white wall tiles and we chose some that have a sort of ripple to the surface rather than dead flat.  The floor tiles took some debating, we were close in our choices but not quite the same.  Steve wanted grey while I wanted a slightly warmer colour, more mushroom.  Steve got his I got to have my way with the kitchen instead.
I've come to the conclusion that tiles are very very hard to photograph, none of these are quite right, but no amount of tweaking in Photoshop would correct it.  Above is the grey floor tile for the bathroom, ensuite, wc and laundry.  It's not as dark as this and is a little warmer.  White wall tile with a lovely stone mosaic accent border.  The mosaic has some warm bits in it too that wont come out in the photo but you get the idea.  We wanted simple colours in the bathrooms so we can jazz them up with towels and mats.  Cheaper to change the towel colours than change the tiles eh! :-)
The kitchen.  I wanted to do something rather different with the kitchen wall tiles.  We had already decided to keep the laminex colours for the cupboards nice and light and I was well pleased when we found this bench top laminex, it's called Lunar Stone and is a lovely beach sand colour.  Cupboard doors are in Classic Beige which is a bit lighter than the bench top. 

You know when you read a novel and it talks about an old bleached, whitewashed beach cottage with scrubbed timbers and a sparkling ocean and warm, soft sand? That's where I was headed, kitchen colours to be something like the beach, sand colour and sea colour, so have thrown caution to the wind and chosen these gorgeous blue wall tiles with a matching border tile.  My first choice was actually a very glossy, very bright greeny aqua.... you should have seen the look on Steve's face when I called him over to see :-) - he ran off to find something a little less shocking and he found these, they are actually a floor tile so are not glossy.  They are rustic and beautiful and I love them!
 And finally, we had to choose the colorbond roof colour.  After mulling over about 4 colours, we chose a greyish one called Bushland.
 Hopefully it will all look okay.


  1. Oooohhh! What fun, I'm so enjoying all this :-)

  2. Looks good to me Dy. Absolutely agree - best to have the same for bathroom and ensuite, saves much angst! And neutral is good - buying the bright (or not!) towels to switch things up is fun too - much easier than choosing tiles.