Saturday, 17 March 2012

We had a day out recently and visited Anvil Beach, so named because of this rock.  
 Steve did some casting practice....

To get to Anvil Beach which is on the way to Denmark, you have to drive through an area called Nullaki, a strange place.  The entrance to the bush area is protected by a vermin fence and the gate across the road you have to activate by pressing a button.  I swear it looks like Jurassic Park and we were waiting for the roar of a tyrannosaurus rex!

As I was walking along the path to the beach, I idly wondered what this line was...

Look at that, a cute little head to bum line of caterpillars....
We have been craving biscuits so I had a try at making Anzac biscuits and cooking them under the hood of the barbeque.  Ingredients first and the Country Womens Cookbook recipe...
 Mix everything up in a bowl, so far so good. 
Put the barbeque on, burners blazing, with no idea what temperature to aim for.  I propped the baking trays up on a couple of upturned cake tins to try and stop the biscuits burning with the roaring heat from below.  I confess to a few hissy fits during the cooking of these, they started to burn really fast and I ended up flipping them all over to try and stop it getting worse.
 But in the end they turned out okay, some were slightly charcoaled though!  They tasted pretty good.  :-)
 Bet even better than biscuits was the long awaited delivery of composted pig poo!  :-)  The truck came all the way from an organic piggery in the Porongurups.  I have heard great things about this concoction.... pig poo and straw from the shed floor, weed free and composted.

There will be no stopping us now, expect gigantic vegetables from this yummy stuff!

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  1. Anzac Biscuits verses Poo! I know what I'd prefer :-)