Monday, 2 April 2012

The Lords Of Power

One of my favourite places to visit down here is the Albany Wind Farm.  

It has 18 massive wind turbines, each with 65m towers and 35m turbine blades so if you look up at a blade right at the top it's 100 metres up in the air.  They are big!  And they make the most amazing, power-filled whoomph noise which gives me goosebumps when I get up close.  
 It's funny, whenever I see the turbines, they always remind me of the alien ships on the cover of  The War Of The Words soundtrack.  They give me goosebumps too.
The Wind Farm is really well set up with walk trails along the coast and you can actually walk right up under one of the turbines.  Did I already say the sound is incredible, it is incredible, the sound of raw power.  I love visiting in high winds when the turbines are at their true magnificence.  And I am so proud to live in an area that has about 75% of its power generated by the wind.
This part of the coast is called Sand Patch, it is really quite spectacular and the walk trail is very well maintained.  It actually forms part of the Bibbulmun Track.
 We are very fortunate to live in an area that casts a view over to the Wind Farm if we drive to the beach.  Every morning it's different, and always magnificent, particularly when it's very cloudy and the sun bursts through the gaps in the clouds and sparkles on the water.

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  1. Didn't tell you Dy - we went for a walk there on Easter Sunday. Walked from the carpark along the Bibbulmun Track to Turbine 10 I think. Very enjoyable. Anne