Friday, 20 April 2012

We've been up in the big smoke catching up with friends and family this week.  I think the grass grew a few inches during those few days and Helga will have to do some work today.  The weather is turning at long last, we are starting to get more regular rain and the day time temperatures have dropped down to around 20 degrees - bliss! 

The frogs are becoming a lot more vocal, mostly in the winter creek bed, but there is a loud one just outside the shed that loves to sing most of the night.  A hunt in the gardening junk area found the culprit, a motorbike frog.  Isn't he pretty :-).  I love frogs.
You know how I love my dotty wellie boots, well I was rather distressed to find a split in one of them!
With the coming wet season, a split is not very conducive to dry, toast warm feet, so repair work was needed.
Not very pretty but it may give my boots a few more months before they get tossed.  I hope Target does another season of lairy boots so I can get some more!
We've got a new joey in the kangas in the paddock family.  I love how they poke their heads out of mum's pouch to nibble grass.
 We went down to Steve's secret fishing spot today, and guess what - I went fishing too!  First time in about 25 years.  And guess who caught the only fish worth keeping?  It was very nice with chips for dinner along with some skippy from the freezer.


  1. I'm pretty sure I saw some wellies in Target the other day, but from memory they were shorter than yours. I'm sure they will have them again this winter! Cute frog :)

  2. Well done Dy! :)
    Thumper rock produces again! Well, for everyone but Steve it seems. ;)


  3. Don't toss them Dy! Plant something in them. I saw a link the other day. I'll find it and shoot it to you.

  4. Here 'tis Dy.


  5. Michelle, I hope Target do them again too!
    Tony, I was very proud. Wanted a salmon but orange wrasse was acceptable.
    Ami, good idea! Never gave it a thought, it would like rather quirky eh. :-)