Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Roly Poly Kanga

Look at this.  I've mentioned before that the resident kangaroos are getting more used to us being around.  Here is Steve in the vegie area, with the roos casually observing further down the hill.
But wait, what is going on here?  Is that really the big male lying ON HIS BACK! 
Yes, he is. I never knew roos lay on their backs.  In fact he spent quite some time doing roly polys on the ground, having a lovely time.  Then he just lay there on his back for a bit, sunbaking his tummy.  Then he regally stood up, shook himself off and hopped away.
Do you remember the small stash of olives I harvested off our little tree?  I've been soaking them in brine for the last two weeks, changing the brine every day.  Bottling day arrived - da dum - one jar of olives! One of my dear friends has mocked me for this 180 gram harvest, just because she had just prepared 15 kilos of her own olives - cheek! :-)  Let's call it a test run shall we, better to stuff up only one jar than 100 eh.  I can't wait to try them!  :-)
Steve has been very busy, we had 10 cubic metres of crushed blue metal delivered, for the floor area under the 100000 litre rainwater tank we've ordered.  The circular area to be covered with 6 inches of crusher dust is about 10 metres across and Steve has been busily carting loads of this into place.  He comes back into the shed looking like something the cat dragged after his hard work, poor love.  Nearly done.
Steve has also been continuing on with his vegie patch fencing.  He's been busily researching different methods of straining the posts before he puts the wire up permanently.  It's looking really good, although there was a bit of cursing to be heard when the straining wire moved the bottom of one of his perfectly aligned posts a titch.  :-)

And finally, another wonderful evening panorama.  Just beautiful.

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