Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stewed Jewels

Twice a year there is a market day at the nearby Torbay Hall, so we tootled along to have a look.  We bought some strawberry runners, a little lilli pilli tree in a pot, some garlic and shallots to plant, a banksia in a pot and a bag of quinces.  I had flashbacks to my teenage years when I spent a week on a farm and my friend and I found this gnarled old tree with a few misshapen fruit hanging off it.  We thought they were distorted apples but were told that they were quinces and we should cut them up and simmer them in sugar and water.  Well, 35 years later I can still remember how much we enjoyed eating them, so I snapped up the bag of quinces.
This is what they look like cut up ready to cook, much like cut up apples and with a faint hint of apple aroma.
But look what happens if you simmer them gently for a couple of hours, the quince turns a beautiful jewelled crimson colour.  And the scent is glorious, it becomes very perfumed and delicious.  And they tasted yummy yummy yummy!
We had a few days in Perth this week and on our return yesterday noticed our welcoming committee is feeling even more at home than usual.

Look at what we saw out the window this morning.  Two foxes, in the background of the photo, just down the hill where the kangaroos were yesterday.  It's the first time I have seen a fox in real life, Steve has spotted a couple around the place before now.  I was amazed at how big they are, I thought foxes were tiny things.  A bit of research tells me that this is probably a breeding pair, normally foxes are solitary animals but a pair will run together for 3 weeks before mating.  I also learned on the wise and wonderful internet what a fox sounds like, and I realise that I've been hearing it for the last week at night, I had thought I was hearing a bird call. Click HERE if you want to hear a fox call.
Whilst in Perth my dear children endowed me with Mother's Day gifts, thank you Michelle and Paul xxx.  This is what my charming daughter gave me along with an iTunes voucher, she obviously has me labelled as a wino LOL.  And my dear son gave me a bottle of gin!  Do you think I am giving out inappropriate messages about myself?  :-)   Actually it is good to stock up on drinkies, we will be allowed to use our outdoor firepit again in 2 days time when the official fireban for the year is over, and there is nothing quite as nice as sitting on the verandah on a cold night, with a roaring fire and a glass of something.  And I shall think fond thoughts of my children whilst imbibing.  :-)

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  1. Dy, I made quince paste a couple of weeks ago. But it didn't set too well. So it's more like jam, but still totally delicious with cheese and of course wine! Your kids are awsome! They have you pegged for sure!
    Your visiting roos look quite comfortable in your yard. Great link for a fox call. I'm sure we've heard that 'bird' too! Frans went chasing accross the paddock after a fox the other night but didn't get it.. So we have to keep a good eye on the chooks!
    Enjoy the end of your fire season. Cheers!