Friday, 1 June 2012

Fruits of The Earth

Olive report:
We have opened and scoffed nearly the whole of my one and only jar of pickled olives from our own little tree and I am pleased to report that they are delicious!  The addition of a small piece of citrus rind in the jar gives them a lovely flavour.  Note to self: put a few less garlic cloves in the jar next time, a tiny bit strong.

The four buckets of olives kindly donated by Cori and Adrian are still being brined.  We had a taste the other day but are still gagging on the bitterness, so they will need a while longer in the brine.  Some time next week we are hoping to have a production line of jars with lesser strength brine/vinegar/garlic/lemon/rosemary to pop the olives in to store and mellow.  Something to look forward to.  The Kalamatas are going to be a fabulous table olive I think, they are firm and fleshy.  The Manzanillos are softer and more ripe and I think will be great in cooking in particular.  It's all terribly exciting, having things stewing away in buckets and jars, knowing that you have the joy of tasting later on.

Speaking of other things tucked away mellowing, take note of the priority status of this item.  THIS, is 23 litres of stout, very slowly brewing and bubbling away.  As the weather is a little cool for brewing, this fermenter full of Steve's amber treasure (no, not quite right, stout is more like black sludge but we needn't be pedantic here :-) ), is lovingly carried outside when the sun is shining to keep the temperature up, and then it is carefully wrapped in a blankie to keep warm at night.  Almost ready to bottle.

Steve and his mate Laurie had a very successful fishing trip a few days ago.  Here is a deliriously happy Steve with a fish he has always wanted to catch - a hefty Queen Snapper.  OMG, it was delicious!
 And here he is again, still wearing that large grin, with his enormous mofo Pike!

Bird watch:   I was thrilled to spot a new bird.  Just look at the colouring on it, like someone has daubed it with a paintbrush.  After some research I can announce that it is a Red-Eared Firetail.  Gorgeous eh.  They hop around on the ground and it looks like they are gathering nesting material at the moment.

I was also very happy to spot an old favourite from Perth, the Willy Wagtail.  Such personality these little birds have, I love their tails.  I get a pang of reminiscence from childhood every time I see one, a tale of longing (remember this tale Wendy?) .....

When I was six, the primary school play was an Australian bush story, and the Grade Twos (of which there were only four of us) were to be one of two roles.  And one of those roles was a Willy Wagtail.  Oh, how I longed to be a Willy Wagtail.  I would have been resplendent in a black leotard with a white bib, a black skullcap, and, a magnificent cardboard tail, all painted stiff and shiny black with little white stripes, to be proudly bobbed by wiggling one's bottom.

The day finally came, the day we were informed of our roles.  My head shot up as my name was called, and eagerly I awaited the announcement....
"and you my dear, will be a gumnut".
A gumnut......

A gumnut got to wear a poo brown shapeless thing that was elasticated at the shoulders and thighs, and filled with crumpled newspaper (just like babysoft cotton wool - not!) to puff it out to the dimensions of a fat, shapeless gumnut.  Not to mention the poo brown skull cap with poo brown stalk thing sewn into the centre.

My heart was never in the role, a jolly gumnut I was not.  I hope the audience never noticed the sly dirty looks I was giving the two Willy Wagtails either.  Ah, the joys of childhood.  :-)

 And to finish off today's memoirs, have a look at this fantastic sunset.  Bloody brilliant!


  1. Oh Dy.....let go of your dream to be a Willy Wag Tail. The little blighters drive me nuts:) I do love their waggle but I have to keep the side mirrors of my car covered because they love to look into them in and doing so poop all over the car doors and mirrors:(
    A gumnut is not so bad:)

  2. But Kerry, the costume. It was all about the costume. Such a fabulous costume it was. Unlike the brown thing. :-)