Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hippety Hop

As I've mentioned before, we have a family of kangaroos that pop in to graze our hill regularly.  We haven't seen them for a few days, not surprising given all the machinery that been thundering around.  But 12 of them turned up this afternoon.  The roos were baffled by the house sand pad and rocks that suddenly altered their grazing path up the hill.  They finally hopped up the driveway and came around behind the sand pad being every so nosy about everything.  Just lovely :-)
The roos are not the only ones that have been playing around near the sand pad.  Steve and I tramped about with bamboo stakes and a tape measure, marking out the position we want the house in readiness for the concrete guys who start the formwork on Monday (a week ahead of schedule yeehar!).

This is me pretending to do the dishes in the kitchen he he he.  And pretending is as far as it goes because we are planning to buy ourselves a housewarming present of a dishwasher - yes!  I think it's because I keep breaking wine glasses doing dishes in the shed sink...
Another shot of those gorgeous boulders.
 Steve was a busy boy today.  Just before the earthmoving guys finished, Steve asked Wade to cut a trench in the driveway so he could run four lengths of storm water pipe underneath.  They are for the water tank, two are for the rainwater going into the tank from the roof of the house, one is to run the water pipes from the tank pump back to the house, and one is to run electrical leads for the electrician to power the pump.  The electrical one has to be 600 mm down so it is underneath the rain water pipes, along with the pipe back to the house.
 So today Steve started digging the continuation of the trenches and adding more pipe.  Here he is with his pot of blue glue and his hacksaw.  Of course it rained halfway through all this, just when he was doing the gluing and couldn't abandon his post.  So a wet, bedraggled, knackered boy staggered into the shed later on.  He did good work.  Then we drank wine.  Was good.  :-)


  1. It's all moving along so nicely Dy, you must be thrilled. Love the Joey's, aren't they the dearest little things. When I see Kangaroo's I always wonder what White man thought when they first saw them :-)

  2. We are really happy things are finally moving Pennie. Yep, joeys are the best!