Friday, 13 July 2012

Blink And Half The House Appears

Well!  It was only the other day I was singing the praises of concrete, but that is waaaaay in the past now.
On Wednesday we heard the thrum in the distance of a large truck, a semi in fact.  And on that semi was half our house, in flat packs! The truckies had a discussion about the best way to get into our place, which has a long driveway surrounded by huge trees, and eventually they decided to reverse in.
 Tight squeeze!
 Mid-driveway conference about the best way to negotiate a bend.
 Phew, they made it by the skin of their teeth!
 Isn't it amazing how small a squished up house can be.
 I love how our name is plastered all over the bits and pieces.
 The semi came equipped with a nifty crane, essential for unloading all the gear.
 We expected that to be it for the day, but no, the builders started work straight away!  Here are the wall frames of the back rooms up within the hour.
 By the end of the day just look at what the 2 builders achieved!  All the wall frames were up.  This is the  front of the house.
 And this is the back of the house.  The next day was spent bolting all these frames to the concrete pad.
 And this is what the 3 builders did today, all these roof bits (trusses? rafter? no idea what they are called) are up.
 This is the front of the house.  We can't believe how big it looks, and it doesn't even have the verandah section along the front done yet.
 And the back of the house.
 And a view of how it's all going from down the hill.  It's all terribly exciting!  We keep wandering through the skeleton of the house, glass of wine in hand, after the builders have gone home.  :-)


  1. It looks big Dy! I'd envisaged a quaint cottage:)

  2. Looks great Dy! You must be feeling very excited? Anne

  3. Kerry, that was the original plan, for small and quaint! But we added 2 bedrooms and another bathroom for visitors. Small and quaint seems to have been a fleeting thought.... :-)

  4. Anne, yes, we are very excited, amazing to see it appearing before our eyes!

  5. Wow! This is amazing progress. What an exciting time! That squash through the trees.... I wouldn't have been able to look! I hope the rest of the build goes as quickly!

    Reading about your vegies I have cabbage envy! Your cabbages and brussels sprouts look fabulous. Something ate the outsides of my cabbages, just leaving the centres. I've had to net them all. I thought it may have been the bower birds (bloody stupid things!) but maybe a grub... Yes, when you list everything you're growing, it seems like a lot. It's great! I've not tried pickled shallots. Will have to check it out. Yes, the lack of nasties in the garden at this time of year is a welcome relief. Happy veggie gardening!

  6. Pickled shallots - just like mini pickled onions and prepared much the same way. Plenty of vinegar and whatever spices you wish, then wait impatiently for them to be ready! :-)