Sunday, 15 July 2012

Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint

The builder gave us the opportunity over the weekend to paint some of the roof beams that will be visible under the verandah, before he puts them up.  Very kind of him as it is a lot easier to paint them lined up on trestles rather than up on ladders fiddling with them up against wavy colorbond roofing.  But we were unprepared for this and hadn't even chosen our colours yet!  In the end we have played it safe and stuck to the colorbond colour range, mainly because it is a council requirement that our house colours are conducive to the environment, ie, it is meant to blend in to the landscape.  We had already chosen the colorbond for the roof and had gone with "Bushland" which is a grey/green colour.  "Surfmist" for the verandah timbers, and the biggest decision, "Paperbark" for the house exterior, ie, the Hardieboard.
 So, on Friday afternoon, after flying into Bunnings and buying mega paint, we ran around like crazy people setting up trestles all over the place.  The fact it was raining didn't help, so I even had to share my bedroom area with planks of wood!
 Thankfully, Saturday proved to be a sunny day with about 10 minutes of misty drizzle and nothing more.  So we worked like demons painting timbers.
Steve also worked on metal beams that go along the front of the verandah.  First they had to be etch primed, then painted.
Today we awoke well and truly stuffed.  It rained all morning so we were let off any more labour, so we drove back to Bunnings and bought more paint.  In the afternoon it cleared up so we gave the metal an extra coat.  We ummed and ahhed over giving the wooden beams a third coat but decided against it for the moment.  The issue was that the blue stuff they treat the beams with was coming through the light coloured paint.  It's almost gone with the second coat but there is still the odd streak slyly peeping through.  We've decided to touch up when the beams are up, if it's bothering us.

On a visitor note, we had the pleasure of the company for half a day of Doug and Jenny.  Great to see you both!
I was very pleased with morning tea, isn't it pretty.  I pulled up half of my baby beetroot, cooked them up and blitzed them with greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice and salt to make a yummy beetroot dip.  Crunchy broccoli stems from the vegie patch for dipping, along with some shopbought_but_very_nice carrots.  A few Ritz crackers made up the plate.  It was yum!
 I had a couple of days in Perth recently and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the sewing ladies, Angie, Wilma, Leanne and Anne, for lunch.  Have I mentioned that I am going to name our chooks after these dear  ladies?  What fun eh. :-)
 On a final note, Steve took this lovely morning photo of the local beach, with mist sitting on top of the water.

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