Thursday, 5 July 2012

We Have Concrete

Construction has commenced!  Gosh, everything is happening all at once now.  Within a couple of days of the sand pad being finished, the cement trucks rolled in and we now have a concrete slab in the shape of our house.
Here is the formwork and mesh all laid out ready to go.  Under that they sprayed the termite treatment.
Then the plumber arrived and positioned all the pipes for the bathrooms and laundry and kitchen.
Four cement trucks full of goo arrived and these young men carted it in wheelbarrows for most of the day.
Final result one spiffy, shiny concrete slab!

Steve is standing at the back corner of the house, alongside him is a guest bedroom, then the bathroom, toilet, laundry, meals, kitchen (the sticky-out bit) then the walk-in robe and ensuite.
Laundry nearest, with long space alongside for the built in floor to ceiling cupboard. Toilet is next, then the bathroom.
Here is moi knocking at the front door.  :-) 
What you can't see at the moment is the verandah at the front of the house.  It's not part of the concrete slab but is under the main roof.  2.4 metres wide all the way along the front of the house.  We can't wait to see the roof on which will give us more idea of the size of the thing.
Apparently on Monday, large trucks will turn up with half our house on them!  All the steel girders and all the colorbond roof parts are coming, and if all goes well, the roof could be on in a couple of weeks.  With steel framed homes, the roof is put on right at the beginning which is interesting.  Must make it better weatherwise for other components to be done, having a protective roof already in place.

That's it from me for today, it's time for lunch.  Look at what Steve just picked - yummy.  Should go well with the flathead fillets from out of the freezer.  :-)

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