Saturday, 25 August 2012

Close To The Edge

I love driving Helga the ride-on mower, I never knew before how much pleasure I get from planning my route to mow around obstacles, trying not to double back where I've been before.  It's sort of my little challenge to myself you know?

Anyway, yesterday dawned bright and sunny and as the grass has started to grow I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some mowing.  The other challenge I give myself when mowing is to see how close I can get to edge of obstacles with Helga.  See how magnificently close I have cut alongside this garden bed with Helga the hulking beast?  Pretty good huh.
And I zoomed around the perimeter of this tree, shaving off the grass but leaving the shrubs intact.
There, doesn't it look lovely, all neatly mowed.  But wait, something is not quite right.
Ah, yes.  There was the little incident of the park bench.  You know how I like to get as close as I can to things, well I was manoeuvring nice and close to the seat of the bench, but I forgot that the legs stick out further.  Crunch, Crash and Oops.
Gerald wasn't fussed and had nothing to say about the incident, he (or maybe she) happily continued eating a piece of apple.
Mum and joey (how is that, having a lie in the paddock whilst still warm inside your mum's pouch!) were oblivious to the incident and quietly chewed their grass.
Pepper couldn't have given a rat's arse about the incident and continued snoozing in her comfy bed.
However Steve and his evil cohort Tony on the other hand, let the incident take the forefront of the evening's conversation and much jocular stupidity ensued.  Here they are relaxing after a day's fishing looking like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. 


  1. Love it Dy!!! Ange XX

  2. How entertaining Dy! You are a gifted writer....Jenny