Saturday, 4 August 2012


noun         - one who infiltrates
verb          - to gain entrance gradually or surreptitiously into enemy-held territory with hostile intent

Mutter mutter mutter....
An unknown creature has overcome the obstacle of our vegie patch fencing and has taken to scoffing the newest seedlings.  It has ignored the large quantity of well established plants and went straight for the delicate and the young.  Little bastard.  We are not sure if we are dealing with an insect or a rodent, we suspect a wee small rodent.  I'm thinking of putting a tray of clean, smooth sand out in front of my massacred carrot bed to see if we snag any forensic evidence aka footprints.  In the meantime I am trying a bit of free plastic protection cut from milk bottles over the broccolini seedlings that still have a few leaves left.  Watch this space....
In the meantime our work on the house goes on.  Steve has been digging like a fiend to get all the downpipes piped to the tank.  Since the roof went on the house any rain is gushing all over the place eroding the sand pad, so it needed to be done quickly.
At 4pm today the final connections were made and now it can rain all it likes, and that rain will start to fill up our big tank - hooray!
Whilst this was going on I took to the walls of the house with a sanding pad and a brush.  This type of house has lots and lots of screws holding the boards to the frame, and they ALL need sanding and filling before we paint.  So that's what I did today, sanded screw holes.  I am pleased to say I came out of it with all my fingernails intact.
Next will be filling the holes with Water Putty then sanding again.  Then, after we paint the boards, they will be as smooth as a baby's bottom.  Nice.
It's coming along nicely eh :-)
I was also going to talk about how happy we are that we've picked up enough tv stations with our makeshift aerial to watch the football, but after the Eagles performance today, I wont mention it ok.


  1. Wow, Dy! The house looks like you could move into it looks GREAT!!!
    Keep up all the good (hard) work!! Ange