Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bad Backs Suck

Well, I have arisen from my bed after 3 days of patheticness following what was originally a tiny tweak in my back, which went on to prevent any sort of movement whatsoever without groaning or gritting of teeth.  Far out it hurt!  After drugs and rest it's feeling much better.  During my sojourn I read a terrific book...
The Physician (Cole)

We have managed to sample the first few offerings of the spring vegies, yum.  The sugar snap peas and snow peas are smothered in flowers and I am impatiently awaiting a big pigout of them.  Same with the broad beans with are finally setting pods.  The tomato plant is one that came up by itself in autumn.  We left it in, but figured it would die off over winter.  Surprisingly, it flourished and has grown nice and big, and presented us with its first red tomato.  In Albany's cooler climate, it's unusual to get tomatoes before Christmas so we are justifiably proud.  :-)
 The gyprockers have finished their job in the house and we bid them farewell. 
 The hearth has been built and fitted in readiness for the solid fuel heater.
 But best of all, the kitchen cupboards are in!  This was the first part of the house to go in that was in chosen colours so we nervously awaited seeing if we liked the colours we chose.  I am pleased to say that it looks great, love the colours!
 The doors are plain old cream and the benchtop is a marbly sort of cream, slightly darker than the doors.  The gap on the far wall is where the stove will be installed, and above that will be a rangehood.
 Dishwasher space.  At first we weren't going to worry about a dishwasher, but common sense prevailed as we both despise doing dishes, so that is going to be our housewarming present to ourselves.  :-)
 I love the rounded edges of the benchtops.
 This is the pot drawer cupboard which is next to the stove.  I should think this will be much nicer than grovelling around in the back of a dark cupboard looking for things.
 Our colour schemes throughout the house are going to be very safe and bland, but I did want something a bit more zingy for the kitchen tiles and have gone for this lovely blue rustic tile.  I propped a few up on the cupboard for this photo, I hope they look okay.  I think they will.  I hope they will.  Of course they will.  Yes.  :-)



  1. The Cupboards and tiles look great Dy....such fun putting all the stuff into a brand new kitchen!!! Ask if you can quickly whack some paint up behind here the fire is going to go, before they actually install it...will make life a lot never know they may allow it.
    Love the drawing too.....Ange

  2. Looking good Dy! Anne