Monday, 1 October 2012

House Update

I haven't mentioned the house for a while so thought an update would be good.  We've had a week of absolutely nothing happening and then another week with the house full of tradies all busily doing their thing.  It's starting to look more interesting inside now and quite exciting!

We have internal doors.  I love these panelled looking doors rather than plain ones and we are really pleased that we changed to these.
We have a laundry trough.  I am quite taken with the laundry window, it's a winding out one so it only opens out from the bottom.  But it will be ideal for the laundry when the clothes dryer is on to let the moisture out.
We have vanities.  Dead plain white ones but I love the fact that the sink is moulded into the top, much easier for cleaning.
We have glass in the front door.  That is not the colour of the door by the way, that's just how it comes in its raw, primed state.  Not sure what colour we will paint it, probably white. 
Isn't the glass pretty, we mulled over a choice of about 20 different ones before deciding on this one.  I think it will be interesting late afternoon in winter when the sun is shining through the door, I am imagining pretty sparkly patterns on the wall.

 Nosy kangaroo out the back checking out what's going on.
The tiler started on Saturday which is very exciting.  We've been busting to see what our tile choices look like.  Here we have the laundry floor. Hard to see but it's a sort of warm grey colour.
Rapt with the vanity tiling.  Plain white tiles with a sort of ripple to them, and a row of stone feature tiles which we love love love.
And here we have the kitchen.  It's not finished yet but we are so thrilled with it.  The blue tiles were a bit of a dangerous choice, we both loved the colour but weren't sure how they would look in the house, but we are really pleased with it.  The large section of tiling which will be behind the stove has a bit more to put in.  Above that will be a rangehood which is glass in an arc shape, that is being installed tomorrow, and then the tiler is going to tile up to it, so the tiling will be in an arc too.
 The other side of the kitchen, that's the corner where the kettle will live I think. 
And the sink area.  I love the tiling behind the sink and the tiled window sill.  My previous kitchen had the sink and window at the same level and I was forever splashing stuff all over the window so hopefully I wont be such a grot with the window up higher.  The tiler did a bit of muttering over the sill tiling....these blue tiles are actually floor tiles and they have a wavy edge, and apparently that makes for difficulty doing mitred joins.  He did a spectacular job.
It's coming along isn't it!  This week the skirting boards should be finished, the tiling should be finished, the rangehood will be installed and  the cupboard and pantry shelves should be finished.  After that the plumbers are due back and they have a lot to do, then the electrician and by then we'll be on the home straight!


  1. Whoa! Looking good Dy, Looking Great in fact :-)

    1. Thanks Pennie, glad you like it :-)

  2. I can see you are very excited - and so you should be! Fantastic! Anne

    1. Thanks Anne, we are really happy with everything. It's just the slow drag to the finish line that's hard! :-)