Wednesday, 6 March 2013

In The Company Of A Superstar

We have had a birthday boy here this week, and he begrudgingly he allowed me to snap a birthday photo. Happy Birthday darling xx
Wait,  I see a resemblance here......
What do you think?  Steve alas does not own the white jumpsuit of Barry Gibb :-)  
Naughty jokes aside, Steve had a very nice birthday fishing with his mate Laurie.  They brought in a good haul and another 5 kilos of fish fillets are now packed away in our freezer.  Bonito, Breaksea Cod, Orange Wrass and Samson Fish.  We had Bonito and Cod for dinner tonight, both yummy, and Steve will smoke some Samson Fish tomorrow, looking forward to that too!
 I'm a bit fed up with the sand sand sand that is surrounding our house, so I grabbed the sack trolley and hauled over a few of my big pot plants and put them on the verandah.  Amazing how much better I felt with just that tiny little bit of green outside the front door.  And if the roos eat them there will be trouble!
Speaking of roos, behind the house I plonked a bird bath a month ago.  It's been so dry that I thought the birds would appreciate it and certainly the magpies have been using it.  Steve noticed a little visitor the other morning, this roo sat there quietly checking the bird bath out, pretending not to be there.
Without moving her body, next minute she had quietly turned her head and was slurping all the water out of the bird bath! We have a nice lot of rain forecast later in the week, I hope it eventuates.
We had the pleasure of some visitors this morning, it was really nice to see you Glen and Graham.  :-)

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  1. Definitely not Barry Gibb. Am thinking more like Jesus Christ! :-) Anne