Monday, 1 April 2013

Chasing Rainbows

Easter was upon us and we excitedly looked forward to our visitors, Paul and his friends Chris and Elisha, and our gorgeous granddaughters Stevie and Riley.  They planned their adventure around camping, pitching their tents on the edge of the forest, but coming up to the house for showers, loo and using the barbeque.
The girls had a great time moseying between the house and the tents, ran around, got dirty, looked for kangaroos (alas a fleeting glimpse only, our roos are terrified of small pink hooded noisy girls :-) ) and made sand castles.  They had their breakfast in the house, and on Saturday breakfast they had their special cups and bowls to eat out of.  Here is Stevie showing us her lovely Barbie cup.
And here is Miss Riley in her new Hello Kitty pjs solemnly showing us the pink egg that came with her Dora bowl and cup.  She's about to nosh into her Rice Bubbles.
Riley also had a lovely new Hello Kitty jacket that kept her warm and cosy.  Doesn't she look cute.  But I tell you, kangaroos are terrified of this sight!
 Here are Stevie and Paul heading down to the camp site, and the Easter Hunt is about to start.
Our forest path is a terrific place for an Easter Hunt, lots of trees for the Easter Bunny to hide those eggs.  And at the end of the path is the Faraway Tree, with a special present for Stevie and Riley under it.
 Here is Stevie showing us the spoils of the egg hunt.  She looks very pleased doesn't she.
And here is Riley who was very happy with her Easter rabbit.  You stroke its back and it hops around and makes odd little apparently rabbit noises.  Very soft and cuddly too.
Stevie posing beautifully for the camera, showing us her Easter rabbit. 
We also had inside time as well.  Here we are engrossed in Peppa Pig on the tv.  I gave the girls their cushions and was pleased to find out that they were using them in the tent, and my heart fluttered when I saw Riley climb into the car clutching hers.  This morning we spent some time chasing rainbows in the kitchen.  I have a couple of crystals hanging in the window and for about an hour on a sunny morning they produce dozens of tiny rainbows that dance over the floor, cupboards and walls which are fun to try and catch.
We waved everyone goodbye this morning after a lovely three days.  Hope you see you again soon!  xx

Then it was cleaning the house time, unbelievable the amount of sand that all the extra feet track in, even those feet belonging to very good little girls who tried very hard to remember to wipe their feet as they came running inside :-) 

Today it's time for Steve and I to relax in our Xmas present that finally arrived late last week.  It took 3 months to finally get our fabulous Lazy Boy red leather recliner rockers.  Aren't they spiffy, and my god, so so so comfortable.  These are our 'falling asleep in front of the tellie' chairs.  Steve's chair was made slightly differently to mine, his has a swivel base added in, so he can lazily rotate to admire his fire whenever he chooses.  Mine is further away from the fire and doesn't swivel, cos I get a red face and too hot near the fire so I am happy further away from it.  Anyway, time for a zzzzz......


  1. Thanks heaps for having us all.
    It definitely felt like a holiday, lots of relaxing and enjoying the serenity.
    And yes those lay z boys were very comfortable,I could have easily loaded one into my ute and taken it home.

    1. It was great to see you and Elisha again and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves. :-)