Monday, 3 June 2013


We were happily awaiting the arrival of our dear friends Angie, Andy, Anne and Ian to stay for the long weekend so harvesting of lovely fresh greens were in order.  The first broccoli heads timed themselves beautifully to be ready for our visitors. 
I set to making lasagne pasta sheets as I wanted to make a spinach and ricotta pasta using my homemade ricotta and pasta.  As it turned out I didn't have enough ricotta so it turned into an inventive lasagne with the addition of a couple of layers of a tomato vegetably concoction of mine.  It tasted good, phew!
Here we all are having some electronic R&R with the numerous iPads, iPhones and Kindles amongst us.  I see in this photo we are all sensibly drinking tea and milo but I might point out that there were many many wine bottles in the recycling pile! :-)  It was great to have you all to stay.  xx
The kangaroos were very obliging and turned up in numbers to be watched and admired.  Have I ever shown you the difference in size between the males, females and a joey that left the pouch 2 months ago? 
Big difference eh.  That male at the back is the alpha male, he is a huge, rippling mass of muscle, very awe inspiring.  The joey looks a bit cross doesn't he.
Steve has been very kindly putting hooks up on the walls for me to start hanging special things that have been packed away for 18 months now, lovely to see favourites again.
Kerry, I will finish this quilt, I really will!  It's on the wall as my reminder :-)
In the meantime I am choofing along with embroidery.  This is the makings of a pot holder for the kitchen, stitched onto some old denim.
 An embroidered garden scene, a work in progress on and off for the last 7 years!
An exercise in thread painting with chain stitch.  The coloured in part of the flower is all chain stitch in about 6 colours to experiment with shading.  The centre is french knots and the outer part of the petals are various embroidery stitches.
The new thing I am fiddling with at the moment are these fabric flowers.  The technique is called Tsunami Kanzashi and is rather fun.  Why am I doing this?  Why not! :-)

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  1. Great weekend Dy and Steve. Thanks again! Anne