Friday, 9 August 2013

The House Of Chic

Work continues on the chook house, and we are hoping to be ready for the residents in two or three weeks.  After much contemplation we have decided on the name of said establishment, after all, such a magnificent building must have a swish name to match.  Let this building be known as The House Of Chic.

As you can see, the roof space is insulated with the leftover bits from the house, these girls will appreciate the moderated temperatures in their house.

And the same goes for the wall cavities, we had almost enough bits of insulation to pack the walls.  Note too the lined walls and ceiling from recycled stuff.  The ladies can easy rest in the knowledge that they will not suffer splinters from shabby workmanship.
Double nesting box, freshly painted, sitting atop the tough as old boots, fox-proof, concrete floor.  Both the floor and nesting box will be covered with a good layer of straw.
Mel and Sheila came to stay for a few days.  Sheila gives the tick of approval to the newly painted exterior of  The House Of Chic
Today's job is painting the interior - off-white with contrasting grey ceiling timbers.  :-)  Then to seal the concrete floor while Steve finished the fence and installs the gates.  Then we need to dig a trench right around the perimeter and drop wire or colorbond about 9 inches underground to stop anything digging underneath, and it is pretty much finished, apart from the decor....
After a hard day's construction, Steve likes to spend a bit of time on his favourite pastime.  That man loves his fire and nothing gives him more pleasure than gathering and resizing plenty of wood to keep it roaring!
Apart from painting The House Of Chic, the rest of my time has been spent busy in the sewing room on a secret project for two special little girls. Very very pink bed quilts for Stevie and Riley for in Paul's new house.  Still a lot of work to go but I am hoping to finish them in time for my next visit to Perth.

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