Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fence Posts and Family

Now that the chook house and yard are complete, all the other jobs around the place can get a look in, or at least a consideration and then the decision to put that job away until later.  The task that won the lottery is to re-fence my garden area which is on the other side of the driveway and abuts the chooks and the vegies.  As you can see it has a very makeshift fence that I put up some time ago, to give me a place to keep my pot plants and to get a few plants growing out of the reach of kangaroos, who consider grevillea, acacia and the olive tree to be quite a delicacy.  The odd small rabbit has snuck its way in under the crudely fashioned fence and snacked on some of the smaller plants, action is needed!
So Steve has started refencing for me, using much prettier pine poles rather than the star pickets I used. He noticed whilst hard at work digging holes for the pine poles that he had a sweeping and lazy audience.  Can you see all those little blobs on the grass?  They are kangaroos, having a lovely time basking in the sun on the warm grass.  It never ceases to amaze me the way they lie flat out on the grass, snoozing away..
There has been a bit of rain about recently, not as much as Perth I might add, but we've had the odd day of deluges.  The last time it happened we and visitor Angie all donned our anoraks and went for a walk along the creek.  We felt like small children on an adventure and got thoroughly saturated, good fun.
 The waterfall was pumping away.
 Helga's bridge floated away again.
And Angie ended up like a drowned rat after the rain sheeted down her jacket and saturated her jeans and shoes!
 On the chook front, we are getting plenty of eggs, some days they all lay to give us four.  I think we've had about 65 eggs so far, so three of the girls have already paid for themselves.  It surprises me how clean the eggs are, these are very particular hens who do not stoop so low as to poo in their nesting boxes.
Now they are used to a very varied diet, their eggs have developed a lovely rich colour.  Look how yellow those scrambled eggs are.  And yummy, very yummy!
I am currently visiting the big smoke, with a few missions in mind.  First stop was Paul's house, to deliver the two pinks quilts to their recipients.  Here is Riley on her quilt.
And here is Stevie on hers.  I think they liked them, well, I knew I'd be pretty safe making them with pink fabrics.  :-)
Cuddles with Grandma Dy
The sun shone in Perth this morning, first time for days apparently, so Paul and I took advantage of this and walked to the playground with the girls. 
Next stop was a visit to Michelle this morning and now I am tucked up at mum and dad's house for a few days.  Good to catch up. :-)


  1. Lovely... all newsy and fun :-)

  2. You are certainly making lots of progress out in the sticks, Dy!

    1. We're getting there Fran! Will be happy once the orchard is done, that's the next big job on the agenda.