Saturday, 8 March 2014

Harlequin Delight

I sit here with a lovely overcast sky outside.  A light drizzle has fallen today, a mere trickle into the water tank, but that's better than nothing hey.  We are crossing our fingers that the heavens may open tonight rather than merely being tantalised with cloud formations that only pretend to hold rain.  In the meantime I shall go and hang out a load of washing, that's bound to make it rain, right? :-)

We have had the pleasure of a visit from our friends Mel and Sheila over the last few days.  Steve and Mel took themselves off fishing a couple of times and Mel hit the jackpot.  Here he is, unable to wipe the smile off his face, with his ripper Harlequin fish.
What a beauty, it weighed nearly 2 kilos and provided about 800 grams of fillets.  Apparently they are a fantastic eating fish.  Look at the teeth on it!  Well done Mel!
This was the rest of the bagful, quite an assortment.  The boys were very happy.
Today we enjoyed the company of Steve's cousin Terry and his partner Heather.  Here we are having a fish, well, trying dismally to have a fish, today was one of those days when the bait fish were bigger than the fish being caught!  Heather is putting on the brave face here, it is quite a steep climb down to this spot and Heather unfortunately rolled her ankle, which puffed up and started turning interesting colours.  Hope it feels better soon Heather!
Neo the Magnificent is coming along brilliantly.  He has settled down a lot in the last week and has become a pussy cat that still likes his big day sleep tucked behind our bed in his man cave, but spends the (early!) mornings and evenings doing insane cat things, roaring around the house like a maniac and chasing screwed up pieces of paper around.  He is becoming more and more affectionate too, staying on laps for longer, following me round, and being generous with kitty kisses and cuddles.  :-)
He is using his tower more and more, he likes to watch magpies through the window whilst perched on the top tower and he is starting to scratch on the sisal wrapped pole, and will charge up the pole and claw his way onto the top, lots of fun particularly if I (bravely, very bravely) wiggle my finger from the top of the tower - his pupils dilate, his arse wiggles and he roars up the tower after it!  He has sharp little kitten claws!!
Lucy and Lucky are still staying close by the house, making use of the bird bath water and the patch of greenish grass outside the back door.  They very kindly posed pretty for the camera.  They want it to rain too!

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  1. I've never heard of a Harlequin fish. Looks delicious though. Love those two Roos :-)