Thursday, 1 May 2014

Seeing Special People

Lots of stuff happening around here over the last few weeks.  We caught up with good friends over Easter, then on Easter Monday Michelle arrived for a four day stay, lovely!  The chickens made a new friend, with Anne being Michelle's special favourite, because she consented to sitting on Michelle's lap being stroked.
Neo, on the other hand, decided he was going to hide for the majority of Michelle's stay.  Silly boy.  He did show himself on the last day and allowed those that revere him to give him strokes.  Speaking of the gorgeous boy, I did some sewing for him, now he has some cute pentagon patchwork balls to play with.
Neo is very fond of watching the magpies through the window, and the other day he was crouched behind the sliding door when one of the juvenile magpies, Ginger is her name, wandered up close to the glass.  She spied Neo, but instead of being scared, cocked her head and looked curiously at him.  I wonder if she has ever seen a cat before?  Then Ginger spent a few minutes tormeting Neo through the glass, darting up to it then leaping back, going past the door out of sight then jumping in front of it again, highly amused I think at Neo's reaction, who was out of his mind with excitement and couldn't quite believe what was happening in front of him!
Now the rain is beginning to fall a little more frequently, planted things are starting to make a move.  This is one of the beds that I've sown a load of seeds in, nothing up yet but I really liked the stripes of colours in the photo, so, enjoy, a photo of an empty seed bed ha ha.
The broccolini and cabbage plants are growing like the clappers.
 The seeds I've sown in punnets and pots have all germinated quickly and seem to be growing well. 
 I sowed a row of turnip seeds around the edge of one of the potato beds and they have sprung up out of nowhere.  I think I was a tad heavy handed with the number of seeds, lots of thinning out to do!
 I was thrilled to see a red robin again, they disappear over the summer.  They are such showoffs, which is great as they are happy to stand proud and still whilst photos are being taken.  :-)
There are battles outside our bedroom window where the roo food bowl is.  This is the new girl at the bowl, she is a big female with a very cute little joey.  If she is there and one of the others turns up for a feed, she huffs and growls at them, doesn't like sharing this one!
After Easter I choofed off up to Perth to visit family.  First night was good fun at Paul's house with my two favourite little girls.  Here is Paul busily putting together a shelving unit for his bedroom, your house is looking great Paulie, well done.  Was great to see you all  :-)  xx
And here is Riley showing us her new necklace she chose that Grandma Dy bought her, a gold tiger!
And here is Stevie showing us the new hair accessory she chose, that Grandma Dy bought her.  It looks very pretty!
Then it was on to mum and dad's house for a few days where we had a good time catching up.  Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of you both!  Then a visit to more good friends then home to green pastures.

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