Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Family Days

I undertook a quick 24 hour visit to Perth on the weekend to visit mum and dad, collect a daughter to steal her for a Torbay visit, and to see son Paul and our two beautiful granddaughters and to say Happy Birthday to Riley who is a great big four years old!
Here is Riley showing first great grandad then great grandma the finer workings of her birthday present from her dad.  It's a Samsung kids tablet and judging by Riley's prowess, she takes after Paul in her computing skills. :-)  
I provided some pinkness for the little girl that loves pink more than life itself.  Our present to her was a Barbie doll and some hangeronner, Liam I think is his name.  Some bling in the form of a pink necklace and bracelet and then there were cupcakes, pink ones.  They were declared to be yummy.
Michelle and I made our way back to Torbay in the wee small hours of Sunday morning.  It was much warmer in Torbay after the freezing cold night in Perth!  On Monday we made our way to our favourite place, Boston Brewery and as usual had a fabulous lunch.  They are brewing a new beer, called a porter, and Steve is most taken with it.
Today we are following in the footsteps of Perth's yucky weather, howling wind and 25 ml of rain so far.  We dashed into Albany for a few things, including this spiffy new kettle to replace our old one that had carked it.  Mum, I got the same one as yours after admiring the shape of yours so much.  But I chose sparkly blue that I love, what do you think?
After that brief outing we have tucked ourselves up inside with a warm fire, homemade vegetable soup and bread, followed by Steve's contribution of jam tarts, yum!!
Comfy chairs, warm house, full tummies and various electronic media and we are all content.

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