Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Red Treasures

I mentioned that we don't really like swedes, and of course I have an abundant crop of them.  My friend Kerry sent me a recipe for Cornish Pasties and told me that we would love them, that swedes go brilliantly in the pasties.  Then my friend Angie emailed and also mentioned Cornish Pasties.  Well, who am I to argue.  Mince, onion, potato, carrot, swede and various flavourings later, here is the batch of filling.  Smells lovely!
And here is the finished product, 32 little Cornish Pasties, aren't they pretty!  And yes, they were very yummy so thank you friends for the suggestion! :-)
 Steve is feeling very pleased with himself, we snapped up an ancient cement mixer from a friend who was going to put it out for the verge collection.  It's a nice big one but the motor was stuffed.  Steve remembered his mate Laurie mentioning he had a large collection of old motors and if we ever needed one just to ask, so we did. 
Steve bought a $15 pulley and attached that and the motor and hey presto, one working cement mixer!  Then he bought a $10 can of spray paint and gave it a revamp.  Looks good hey and it will be so very very useful around here while things are still being built and fence posts need reinforcing.
Speaking of things red, Steve and Laurie went fishing in Laurie's new boat and came home with a nice mixed bag.  The red fish is called a Western Foxfish which is apparently good eating, we haven't tried it yet.  The little pinky red fish at the front is a Nanygai, my favourite fish, it tastes like scallops!
Steve was thrilled with his bucket list fish, a lovely Queen Snapper.  The four of us has that for dinner and it was delicious!
Neo even got his own fish for dinner, a parrot fish.  Normally Steve tosses those back but they now have a new use, Neo loves fresh fish!
 Yum yum yum said the cat!

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