Friday, 29 August 2014

Ascending Feline

We've had the pleasure of visitors recently.  Mum and Dad came to stay for a few days and luckily they chose a week of perfect weather, so we went out for drives, visited Boston Brewery for a yummy lunch and pottered around our place.  It was lovely to see you xx
 Terry and Heather popped over for drinkies and then fishing the following day.  This fishing spot has been officially named "Broken Ankle", in honour of Heather who climbed up and down the very steep path back in March with a broken ankle, having rolled it right at the top of the hill.  This time, complete with metal plate and screws holding it all together she announced she doesn't know how she managed the climb with shattered bones.  We, in awe, agreed!  There were a few fish caught this time, the best of being Heather who caught a ripper orange wrass and Steve who caught a 40cm King George Whiting which was yummy.
 Neo has been weird.  He has decided that his presence is needed on all things high, including places he is not allowed, like the kitchen bench top.  He has never been on the benchtops before, or the bathroom cabinets, but it's as if something has pinged in his little head, and all previous good behaviour has now been rescinded.  The squirty bottle is working overtime in an effort to inspire good behaviour.  Little bugger.  Here he is being cute atop my rocking chair.
 And here he is on his new bestest spot, on top of the tall bookshelf.  He loves it up there, having worked out he can jump up from his cat tower.  We gave up trying to stop him and instead I have thrown his little quilt up there so he can be comfortable in his naughtiness.  :-)
 Work has continued a little slower on the retaining wall out the back.  Poor Steve has had to blow his brains out with geometry, trying to work out angles here, there and everywhere.  There is a set of steps going in around where he is up to, so he is trying to make it all fit.  It will be superb.
 Do you remember the photos of Brutus the gigantor kangaroo from last post?  I thought you might like to see him in full relaxation mode.  Makes you just want to sneak up and tickle his tummy hey.
One of things I brought to Albany from our Perth garden was my collection of cliveas that I'd been growing for years.  After the poor things struggling along in pots for three years, I finally put them in the ground at the end of last year, under a huge peppermint tree to protect them from the sun.  I'm so happy to see nearly all of them either in flower or in bud at present, it's the best they've ever done.  Very happy :-)
After the decent rain that we and most of south-west WA had over the last 24 hours, the creek is running nicely again.  It's been pitiful this year with the lack of winter rain, but Steve and I had a pleasant walk along the creek today, enjoying the gurgling noises of the water as it danced over roots and branches.
The house water tank is slowly creeping towards overflow.  Last year it overflowed before the end of July so it's definitely slower this year.  We've only had about 60mls this month instead of the average 130.  Here's hoping for a nice wet September!

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