Sunday, 10 August 2014

Little Pink Toes

The weather has been amazing, lovely balmy winter days with plenty of sunshine.  The roos are wallowing in the good life - warm, thick winter coats to soak up the sun, plenty of lush, green grass, soft-hearted humans to breakfast them with a few grains, and a sunny paddock to while away their afternoons.  Life is good for a roo on the hill.
And of course with the land of the plenty comes new life.  There are many many fattening pouches to be seen, with little ones still too small to see the light of day.  One however, poked its tiny head out for a quick look.... soooo cute!
 Steve's construction of the retaining walls continues, he is doing a splendid job and I am enjoying daydreaming about a floral cottage garden, full of the scent of nectar with bees and tiny birds dancing about. :-)
Here we are at day's end, with the workman having downed tools and waiting for a beer.
Meanwhile, I have been busy making a bright and cheerful quilt for my father-in-law's bed in the nursing home.  Neo enjoyed helping me choose and position colours....
 And Neo also enjoyed supervising the construction, including doing his point exercises amidst the carefully laid out sequences of quilt blocks....
 Despite Neo's assistance, I managed to finish the quilt top with all the blocks in the right place.  I decided on a small black border to bring it all together.  Now for the quilting part, I'm sure Neo is looking forward to helping me carefully lay this out atop the wadding and backing fabric, helping me smooth it out carefully to pin it without any creases.  !! can just picture it can't you.....
 And after a hard day's sewing, what is a boy to do but relax...

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