Friday, 3 October 2014


Last weekend we had the pleasure of the company of our dear friends Angie and Andy for a few days.  We had a relaxing weekend of catching up on news, supping delectable wines and eating splendid food.  Was great to see you! xx
In case you are wondering about the strange headgear Andy is wearing, that is merely my bendable, magnifying, sewing light standing behind the settee!
 We settled in on Saturday afternoon for the AFL Grand Final replay, what a shame it wasn't a close game, ended up rather boring to watch, mind you I don't think any of us really cared who won, considering the best team of all, the West Coast Eagles, wasn't in the final :-P
And all thoughts of football flew away when Steve brought out this delectable pavlova he made, yum!
 Oddly, when we have visitors, the roos often make themselves scarce, which is rather vexing after I tell everyone that we have loads of roos lying around all day long.  Fickle creatures.  This is the sight that usually awaits me in the morning.  They watch for when I open the curtains in the morning, then solemnly follow my every movement through the windows. 
 The Breakfast Club, usually about eight of the mums and bubs, enjoying their small piles of mixed grain and lucerne chaff.  I know we probably shouldn't feed them, but we do, but we make sure that it is only a small amount, not enough to make them reliant on us, they still have to pull their fingers out and eat our grass too! :-)  The two on the left are in the process of having a wee biffo over whose pile of food is better, dags.
 Remember I said we had a bonfire recently?  Well basically what's left is a huge ash bed surrounded by the remnants of the stubborn, half burned stumps.  We were very surprised to notice some days later, someone in the middle of all that.
 A couple of the roos have taken to spending some hours lying in the ash bed!  Fancy that.  We surmise that a) maybe it is soft and comfortable, b) it must be a nice secure place to lie surrounded by the stumps and c) maybe the alkalinity of the ash helps to rid them of any skin parasites they may have.  Interesting yes?
 Neo has settled back to his dominance of the house since his 10 hours of enduring being driven to Perth in a cat carrier.  Of note there are 11 missing ping pong balls somewhere in the house.  He is back to being very naughty early in the morning when he would like us awake and tending his needs.  So he walks over the top of everything in our bedroom, repeatedly, knocking things over, chewing things, all quite deliberately.  I had had enough of him at 5am the other morning so removed him from our room and shut the door.  He took vengeance by knocking down a lovely thank you card we had up on our bookshelf in the living room, and chewed it up into tiny pieces.
 I rarely get to sew alone,  he is well behaved for about five minutes then gets bored and starts fiddling with stuff.  Here he is basking in the late afternoon light, shedding fur all over my quilt.  Speaking of late afternoon light, it was really weird and eerie here a couple of days ago.  The afternoon sun was really golden, then red and the whole sky was this strange hazy reddish colour.
 And as for the shedding of fur, Neo is dropping fur like goodness knows what at the moment.  So this morning I got the fur stripper out, it's a rubber brush that is fantastic at stripping out the loose fur.  I get the impression it is like the agony and the ecstasy, as Neo rolls around purring his head off, but also digging claws in as if it is bordering on pain.  But he stays and lets me do it so I think it must feel pretty good.
 Look at that huge wad of fur that Neo doesn't have to swallow when he's grooming himself now.  We finish up with a wipe down with a damp cloth and he's a new man!
 And it's a Happy Happy Birthday today to my dear dad.  Happy Birthday Dad, love you! xx

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