Thursday, 18 December 2014

Birthday Girl

I just had a quick visit to Perth, to visit a special little girl who is a big, grown up six! But first I had to make some pretty cupcakes to take with me.
Here she is , Stevie the birthday girl, opening presents.  Happy Birthday gorgeous girl xx
 And here is another gorgeous girl, Riley, posing with her owl necklace. xx
 And here is daddy Paul.  Thanks for hosting the little party Paul, it was great! xx
 And here is Michelle and Michael. Great to see you both!  xx
 And mum and dad.  Glad you could join us!  xx
 Me and mum.  I am rather perplexed at my very high hair, a trim is in order....
The next day involved a catch up with friends.  Cori and I tried a selfie whilst having breakfast at a very nice place called Food For Me in East Vic Park.  It was great to see you Cori and thanks for the home grown olive oil, can't wait to try it! xx
I caught up with the sewing girls, Angie, Anne, Wilma and Leanne for our annual Christmas lunch and exchange of yummy homemade goodies.  Thanks girls, it was wonderful to see you all! xx
I have to stop now, I've had to be brief.  Steve got his Christmas present yesterday, a new XBox, and although Paul very kindly installed all the games for us, the machine very quietly overnight did a big update and used 95% of our month's internet in one night! So I'm doing this blog post really quick before  BigPond realises that we've probably already gone over our limit and puts us onto dial-up speed ha ha  And it's only 29 day to go until the new month.....  ah well :-) 


  1. Oh dear. Does that mean no Cows emails?

    1. Amazingly Liz, Telstra gave us some free internet data, they lifted the dial-up speed thing. I was shocked but delighted!