Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Pageant

Since we have got braver re crowds since surviving the Anzac commemoration intact, we ventured into town on Saturday evening for the Albany Christmas Pageant.  :-) 
We parked down at the harbour and walked into town over the pedestrian railway bridge, I love the town view from this bridge, it looks over Stirling Terrace which is filled with period buildings.
This is the view looking down the main street, York Street, whilst we awaited the floats.  It is such a pretty town.
I think every large flat-top truck in Albany was commandeered to hold a float.  There were pre-school floats with little people dressed as animals, shepherds and other colourful creatures.
There were primary school floats with little people dressed as creatures of the deep.  Not sure about the big person, Mrs Pirate Pete perhaps?
 There were church group floats with lots of pretty little angels flying by.
 There were dance groups walking between the floats regaled in colourful costumes.
 There was a Rock 'N Roll dance group float of people twisting and jiving in their big, twirly skirts.
There was an interesting float of sisters in red, the background of which I did not discover.  They were a colourful highlight!
 A colourful dragon wound its way up the hill courtesy of the Tai Kwon Do group.
 A beautiful, balloon festooned float went by, I think it was the Philippino Community Group.
 My favourite float, Trail Blazers, went by with a huge toothy shark atop.
 And they were pulling a trailer of pirates and mermaids on their pirate ship!
And the final float was of course the big fellow himself, Santa!  And running alongside were Santa's elves, throwing lollies into the crowds.  The sudden descent of little kids to ground level to find the lollies was rather amusing!
After the floats had finished, the crowd made its way up the hill to the new town square, where there was entertainment and food. 
 The duo Zap Circus dazzled us all with their daring fire twirling show.
A pair of young lady trapeze artists did amazing things with their very lithe and flexible bodies.  The girl at the top is standing on the feet of the hidden one below, the only thing keeping her on the trapeze!
 Steve soaking in the atmosphere at the town square.
As it got darker, the Town Hall was lit up, doesn't it look lovely.  Moi is standing in the bottom left corner.
Then the major, Dennis Wellington, did a brief speech, announced the float prize winners (Trail Blazer third, Philippino Community second and one of the playgroups was the winner), and then it was the turning on of the christmas lights on the huge tree outside the library.
 We slowly made our way back down the hill to the car.  I turned and looked back up the hill with a smile at the pretty street and the happy crowd.  It was a great evening.  :-)

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