Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Wrap-Up

In the weeks up to Christmas I had my usual fun of cooking up a sweet storm. I like giving my family a plate of homemade treats.  On the menu this year was Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti, Vanilla Shortbread, Ginger and Orange Biscuits, Vanilla Fudge, Toasted Muesli, Strawberry Jam, Caramelised Onion Chutney and Pickled Beetroot.  The chutney, muesli and  beetroot were extras for my kids.  :-)
I love that I have the time nowadays to enjoy the packaging and wrapping process.  A stash of pressies and plates of goodies ready to pack into the car for the trip to Perth.
We had a wonderful Xmas lunch at my brother and sister-in-law's house.  The food was delicious, the company was great and the weather was good.  Thanks Pete, Cathy, Steph, Matt and Dylan for having us, it was a nice afternoon :-)
On Boxing Day morning, on our way back to Torbay, we stopped in at Paul's house along with Michelle for a second mini Christmas, this time with the company of two special little granddaughters!  Here are Michelle and Paul.
And here are Riley and Stevie in mid unwrap.  There were lots of lovely girlie goodies to be had.
Here is big, grown up, six year old Stevie who is starting Year One soon! 
And here is big, grown up, four year old Riley who is starting Pre-Primary soon!
And here we are, happy after a splendid couple of days after staying with mum and dad (thank you for your hospitality! xx)  and seeing all the family.  It was a really good Christmas. :-)
We arrived home on Boxing Day later afternoon to find Patience at the front door.  "Where the hell have you been?"  she demands, "There was no breakfast this morning!" We obliged with a handful of Kanga Mix.
Lucy was up near the door too, waiting for her delayed breakfast.  She occupied her time by giving her 'newly out of the pouch' joey Ghost a nice big wash.  We've called him Ghost as his head was almost white when he was a tiny pouch joey, and even now he is very pale compared to the others.  So Ghost seemed like a good name.
The stoic and very very well behaved Neo was glad to be home.  He is such a good boy in his carrier in the car.  Not a peep out of him for the five hour trips.  He enjoyed sprawling himself on his tower when we got home.
And the he decided he was irritated with his journeying and took to booping me with his paw as I walked past.  See that slightly crazed look.....  back to normal!
We were blessed with some lovely gifts.  We are very excited about the voucher for a scenic flight over Albany (including an extra 15 minutes so the pilot can fly us over our own property - how cool is that!) - thanks mum and dad!  Michelle spoiled me with a mug with my favourite poem (Desiderata) on it, pretty little blue and white plates and fridge magnets, my favourite Raffaelo chockies, nifty silicone bowl covers that look like lily pads, and the best exfoliating glove in existence (yes lovey I take your point, I felt like I had been flayed when I used it for the first time ha ha). Thank you darling girl xx  And thank you Michael for a voucher to our favourite shop - Dan Murphys! :-)

 I spent this morning playing with my present from Paul, he gave me a vacuum sealer, which is a brilliant present considering that I spend a lot of time freezing our veggies when we have plenty.  Look Paul, I did some runner beans today!  I'm experimenting with different versions, some unblanched, some blanched, some cut up, some not.  It will be interesting to test them out and see if there is any difference in texture and taste.  Thank you Paul, this will get used and used and used! xx
Yesterday Steve was ordered to stay at home, (he can be tiresome to take shopping like most men)  and I spent a pleasant four hours (I know! Marathon!) toodling around Albany shops spending some Christmas money from Steve.  Couple of t-shirts, a new bag, a tiny bottle of Anais Anais perfume and this gorgeous metal bread bin.  I happened upon it at an Emporium unexpectedly, and it called out my name and said 'buy me!'.  And I did.  And it only cost $11 - bargain!  Then I hit the Spotlight sale and replaced our ancient,'to go straight to the tip' bedding.  Looking forward to sleeping on a 'topper', with my head on a new feather and down pillow,  and under a pure wool quilt tonight!
So, after two days of family and fun, spoiled rotten with gifts, we look ahead enthusiastically towards 2015.  Happy New Year everyone!  xx

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  1. Great Christmas post Dy. Lovely to hear how you celebrated Christmas. You are so good with all your cooking. I keep telling myself each year until it's too late to get it done.