Friday, 14 August 2015

She-Oak Shaping

I've just got home after a week in Perth.  Poor old dad finally escaped from hospital after nearly six weeks, so I went up to help him and mum out.  Here's dad in his fantabulous electronic chair that gently lifts him out, rather than having to struggle.  He's learning to walk again and doing quite well with his Zimmer frame, aren't you dad.  Things can only get better from now on hey.  xx
It was lovely to see you both, and sorry I forgot to take a photo of you mum!

I managed to catch up with nearly all the family which was lovely.  I was a bit of a dumbo and forgot to snap photos of Paul, Stevie, Riley, Cathy and Steph, but I did manage one of Michelle and Michael. 
I managed to pop into our old sewing group one afternoon, and spent a pleasant few hours with Leanne and Angie.  Anne sadly was working but I managed to visit her briefly on my way out of Perth....and I forgot to take a photo...... :-)
Boy was I excited to see this handsome face when I got home.  I think he forgot to shave though, look at that bushy beard!
I was also thrilled to see the other handsome fellow in my life.  He ignored me for all of about five minutes when I got home, then proceeded to drape himself all over me, all gooey and gorgeous.
Steve had been busy while I was away.  He started honing down a nice piece of aged she-oak, slowly a shape started appearing.
The smoothing has started and more tweaking of the shape.
He started work on the back too, it's starting to look like a beautiful open book.  I can't wait for it to be finished!
Steve also did some harvesting today, 30 kilos of delicious potatoes - 8 kilos of Dutch Creams, 18 kilos of King Edwards and 4 kilos of Almeras. yum!  He hadn't picked any broccolini while I was away and we are overrun with it, so a big green dinner tonight with a few sausages I think.
While Steve was being busy in the spud bed, I washed clothes and vacuumed and all that boring crap.  I also had to deal with the correspondence from the Taxation Dept, who thought we might like to pay them $600, ummm, no thank you.  I was scratching my head over that and finally found my boo-boo in the online tax return I did just before going to Perth.  Silly me transcribed a figure wrongly from the HBF statement, so I had to do an online tax amendment (easy peasy!) and now we can keep our $600, thank you very much.  :-)

Oh yes, on a final note, those bloody chickens, who have not laid an egg for 2 months, laid FOUR eggs for Steve while I was away.  Hmmph!

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