Monday, 12 October 2015

Dancing Rainbows

This weekend we had the pleasure of the company of our friends Cori and Adrian who came to stay.  Cori arrived laden with homegrown artichokes, olive oil and olives, yum!  We had a taste comparison with our olives and theirs, quite different but both good, ours are more vinegary as we used a different pickling recipe.  Each batch ends up different so it's always interesting. 

We spent evenings sitting on the verandah with a wine, watching the kangaroos, and went exploring during the day.  We found a fabulous beach near Denmark, called Lights Beach.  It has loads of rocks and little streams, a wonderful place for children, both Cori and I are looking forward to taking our grandchildren there one day.
 And of course we lunched at Boston Brewery.  Here is Adrian looking every so pleased with his beer sampling paddle.  :-)
And here are Cori and I, quilting Cows, amazing that we met online as members of a quilting group almost 20 years ago.  It was lovely to have you to stay Cori and Adrian. :-)
Meanwhile, on the home front, we harvested great load of beetroot, some were like footballs!  The whole lot was washed, roasted, sliced and put into jars with spiced vinegar, it will be ready in a month.  That will do us for the year, Steve in particular loves pickled beetroot in his sandwiches.
 We were rather nonplussed the other day when this giant bird wandered past, snatching up the odd bug as it walked.  The little kangaroos took one look and fled, it was a large, imposing sight!  On Googling I can announce that it is a Straw-necked Ibis, apparently they are handy birds to have around as they love gobbling up insects of every variety.  We've never seen one before, it was fascinating!
 Speaking of wildlife in the garden, have a close look at this picture.  Those who have seen Jurassic Park, do you remember the scene when the velociraptor was hiding in the bushes, with just one eye in profile visible?  That's what this reminds me of!  In fact it is a blue-tongued or bobtail lizard, a fat one so I hope it's a female, and I hope she hangs around, I am jealous of my friend Ruth who has bobtail babies in her garden.
 I was sitting at the table looking out the back door, when I spotted her climbing up the steps in the garden, what a clever lizard she is.  Then she hid herself in the nearby plant and poked her head out.  Neo could see all this going on through the glass door and was quite beside himself with excitement!
And speaking of Neo, he has been having fun in the kitchen in the mornings.  Now that the morning sun is higher in the sky, it catches the crystal I have hanging in the window for a short time, creating little dancing rainbows all over the kitchen.  It's very pretty and Neo thinks it's great fun, throwing himself up the cupboard doors trying to catch them. He does entertain me :-)


  1. David and I are on our way.... I wish. One day though, we're going to invade your beautiful home, and Ruth's and Cori's... Mmmmm... must make a plan!

    1. I look forward to the day you arrive Pennie :-)