Thursday, 19 May 2016

It Looks Like A Sock

As the coolness of winter approaches, the little birds take advantage of the occasional sunny  afternoon and scurry around gobbling up bugs, and in the evening the many many frogs that now call my garden home compete with their serenading until there is a cacophony of croaking.  Neo is enjoying the warmth of the house now we are back in fire season, and is still being a big mooshbag, draping himself over me for cuddles.
 My sock knitting progresses, I've managed to turn the corner of the heel with it still looking like a sock, so I think I'm doing it right.  I feel more confident now I've bought a mini circular needle to knit with, rather than the four needles, which were scary and fell out on occasion.
 Steve is tinkering with wood in the shed once again, trying some new techniques for making a box.  For the lid he's recessed a piece of beautifully grained sheoak into a jarrah frame, and inset some tiny pieces of a paler wood into the edges.  It really is quite beautiful.
 We took ourselves into town for lunch at the historic Earl Of Spencer inn.
 I like their decor, particularly the fake telephone box in the corner, it has a mirror set into it.
 We both tucked in to their famous Beef and Guinness pie, yum.
 Then, as we'd heard there was a big swell, we drove out to The Gap again.  Here is another shot of the new platform.  The water is probably 20 metres below this.
 But when there's a good swell, it whooshes up and out of the crevasse, very exciting to watch and hear.
 Standing on the platform, beautiful waterfalls cascade down the rocks as the swell subsides.
 We drove further on to see what was happening at The Salmon Holes.  It looked deceptively calm, but that big flat rock at the front is where the waves unexpectedly surge, plucking unsuspecting fishermen to their doom.  There are gazillion warning signs about the dangers of fishing on that rock, but there are still people who do it, and sadly some are no longer around to tell the tale.  It's a beautiful place though and thankfully no-one was fishing there on that day.
 Along Frenchman Bay Road is a paddock, and someone has been creating this interesting little garden using an old car wreck.  I love it and had to stop and take a photo.
 We've been living it up lately, we also popped into Boston Brewery last week for a spot of lunch.  Wonderful as always. 
 Last Saturday I spent the day at the Ocean Beach Surf Club in Denmark with the embroidery girls from our group, the Albany night group and the Denmark group, for our annual Stitches By The Sea workshop day.  It's always nice to get together with the other groups, we all stitch a small project and are well looked after by the host group, the Denmark girls this time, with homemade soups, sandwiches and slices.  And the view from the balcony over the beach is just wonderful.  It was a fun day.  :-)
There's not a lot to say on the home front.  It's tidy up for winter time.  We've been burning garden rubbish and will be starting more pruning soon.  I've been out of action for a while now with a hip problem, but with physio and a couple of cortisone injections (with freaking BIG needles!!) into the joints, I'm hoping things will improve quickly as I want to get back into the garden. 
 There are still loads of galahs around, I counted about forty the other day.  We do so enjoy seeing them,  I find them very comical.


  1. Love it, sock,frame, the Inn, the food, the car garden and out and about :-)