Monday, 8 August 2016

Wood and Thread

It's 7 degrees here today, SEVEN degrees!!  Howling, freezing cold wind, cutting right to the bone.  The ducks and chooks don't give a hoot, wandering around in orchard snapping up hapless bugs that lie half stunned by the rain and hail.  There have been some amazing cloud banks coming towards us from the north-west, beautiful.
 And the hail.  We've had so much hail, pelting down along with the rain for most of the day.
But that's fine.  We rug up warmly to dash outside and do what needs to be done, and have a quick walk along the creek, then it's back to the comfort of the house with the cheery fire keeping us cozy.  But in reality we are downing tools for the next fortnight anyway.  Yes, we are Olympics tragics, staying up to ungodly hours of the night to watch that special moment live.  I love the Olympics so much, and it amazes me how much I enjoy seeing sports I would otherwise have no interest in.  The women's Rugby Sevens for example, I am not interested in rugby, rugby is not AFL, it's boring, but wow, we are so enjoying watching our Olympic team play, even at 1am.  I scour results constantly, revelling in minor details of many many sports.  As I said, an Olympics tragic.  :-)
 Would you like to see a joint work in progress?  Six months ago I finished this raised embroidery and stuffed it into a drawer as I didn't know what to do with it.  I rather like it, it's one of the few things I've made that I am very fond of.  I had in mind to put it into a round wooden frame, but I couldn't find anything I liked, and eventually I asked my clever husband if he could possibly make me a frame using a piece of our jarrah.  He set to work with the lathe and other tools, trying to shape it as I wanted.  He got a bit upset when it started cracking, but I was actually rapt, as it gives it rustic look that I wanted.  It isn't finished yet, Steve still has to work on the inner part of the frame, smoothing it off and staining it, and I have to stretch to embroidery over a round board, stitching it at the back to keep it taut.  Then it can all be put together and popped on a wall somewhere in the house.  I love that we've both had a part in the making of this.  :-)
Look what happened to poor little Rabbit, Lucy's baby.  Half her ear is missing!  It's not a clean cut, rather raggedy instead, so we are wondering if a dog or a fox grabbed her and then she managed to escape with the help of her vigilant mother Lucy.  It looks very sore but she seems unfazed by it.  Poor little girl.  I suppose I wont have any trouble recognising her when she grows up now.  There are a lot of roos that I recognise by various shaped bits missing from their ears but Rabbit's missing chunk is the biggest by far.
Well, back to the Olympics highlights, We've still got half the doors and frames to paint, but they will just have to wait hey :-)

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  1. You must be very happy with that Aussie Footy Team Dy :-) I hear they won a Gold! Hurray!