Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ah The Moon Tis Lovely

We had a visit over the weekend from our dear friends Angie and Andy.  The weather was lovely so we went out and about. 
 Here we all are atop Shelley Beach Lookout, the view up there never disappoints.
 We took ourselves down to Cosy Corner on the evening of the supermoon.  Alas we had our facts wrong and got down there an hour too late, the moon although beautiful, was high in the sky and wasn't as big as when it just rose over the horizon. 
 Nonetheless, we had fun for a short time, testing our camera skills.  Then the mozzies attacked enmasse so we headed for home.
Neo is enjoying the sunny mornings.  We put a chair up against the sliding door, where the morning sun shines through for an hour or so, and we also wrapped the curtains around the back of the chair, so Neo has a hot box cubby.  He loves it and spends a couple of hours in there every morning, toasty warm and amused by watching the antics of little birds outside.
 The warmer weather is bringing the big male roos in, in search of romance.  Here is Marx, fat with an enormous joey in her pouch, and her chilled out beau.  We thought it was Brutus, the biggest of big boys, but he has three diagonal white dots down his face and it looks like this one only has a forehead dot, so he shall remain nameless.  Brutus will not be happy that another chap is after his women!
 I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had won a couple of prizes in the Embroidery section at the Albany Show.  I think Steve's beautiful round frame he made for me helped too.
 And I finished my task for the Embroidery Xmas party on December 6th.  Every year we are given a mission, to make something specific, and this year it was to make a Xmas decoration, then wrap it up and put it in the box.  Then we play a fun and silly game to mix the parcels up, so everyone gets a parcel back, but not their own.  I hope the recipient of mine is happy with it.
Well, I am going to put my feet up now, we are both tired out.  We are busy trying to set up dripper systems for all the garden beds, so lots of pruning and weeding is happening, then threading miles of dripper pipe through the beds so each plants gets some water.  It's coming along nicely. :-)

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