Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hanging In There

Bloody bird, she is keeping me guessing and I am leaping between whether to tend her restoratively or palliatively!  She was so ill yesterday, I am staggered that she is still alive.  She has started drinking a lot of water since last night, positioning herself right next to the bowl and she was looking a little better this morning, actually stands up briefly whereas yesterday she was too weak.  So I don't know what’s going on and what to think.

At the advice of the poultry forum I've been writing to I have just wormed them all, although they think she has a lot more going on, probably a tumour or infection in her reproductive tract, this apparently is fairly common in the crossbreeds designed to be every day egg layers. I didn't know that.  The main lady said that if this the case then she could linger for months, going up and down, and will probably not lay any more eggs, and most people put them out of their misery.  However, and I told her, I cannot do that.  The tiniest spark of life and I just want to nurture!  

So, she is still very sick and is far too weak to leave her box in the bathroom.  She hasn't eaten for at least 48 hours that I know of but she is now drinking again, she weighs nothing.  She has "talked" to me a couple of times today, a gentle little warble sound whereas she hasn't done that the last two days so that tells me she is feeling a little better.  But I can't keep her in a box forever.  So I don't know what to do!  One more day I keep saying, give her one more day and see how she is.

And on a side, unrelated note, don't let your cat mooch in your walk-in pantry when you have a mushroom farm sitting on a shelf.  It makes a giant freaking mess when the said cat tries to climb into said mushroom farm (which as it turns out was a dismal failure anyway, not a mushroom to be seen) which falls off the shelf and compost goes everywhere!! :-)

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  1. Neo is just giving you something else to think about Dy.