Friday, 27 June 2014

Not Looking Good

Yesterday I decided to return Wilma to her chookie friends as I was worried she might be pining for them, but I really wasn't sure if that was the right move as the weather is windy and rainy.  She seemed  to be much the same, standing quietly in the yard near her buddies, or sitting in the corner.  She ate and drank a minuscule amount that I could see. I locked them all in their house which is nicely insulated and cosy for the night and decided to see what awaited me in the morning.

As it turned out I couldn't have chosen a worse night weatherwise, the wind howled and raged and the rain came down, so I was very glad I had shut the doors of their house to keep that weather out.  I  found her in the corner of the chook house this morning barely moving and so very weak.  I cuddled her in my arms for the next half an hour and she sort of melted into my arms, seemingly exhausted, head resting on my arm, eyes closed.  I've just put her back in the box in the bathroom with a hot water bottle under the straw and the heater on.  She's sitting in the corner, eyes closed, occasionally not even holding her head up, beak resting in the straw.  I think we're losing her.  The next hour will tell, either she'll have a big sleep then perk up or she'll slip away.

My problem being inexperienced is not knowing if I have just a miserable hen who is suffering with her moulting, or a miserable hen who is very sick, and what sickness. I have been suspicious of an internal infection all along, of which nothing much can be done but who knows.  I have read so much in books and on the internet in the past few days that I am exploding with confused knowledge but not knowing what is right.  All I can offer is warmth and concern now.

I'm sad.

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